2009 Feet on the Street Wrapup

Running shoes and race bib Hello all my pretty runners!  That goes for the dudes too (do I have any dudes that read?  Now I’m curious!)!  This year OHC put out a new feature called Feet on the Street that profiled a runner and blogger each month.  January was the only month missing because I was still putting the feature together, but seeing as how March had two features, well I think we can call this even. :D

Let’s check out who we talked to this year!

February was Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point.

March was yours truly and also Eric from Columbus Running Company.

April was Bobbi of N Her Shoes.

May was Meghann of The Inner Workings of a College Graduate.

June Heather of Hangry Pants.

July CamTim of The Running Yogini.

August Lori of Fake Food Free.

September was Gina of Fitnessista.

October was Amanda of Run To The Finish.

November was Tina of Carrots ‘N Cake.

December was Rose of On A Lobster Placemat.

That’s a heck of a lot of information!  Plus it gave us a chance to get to know some of these runners a little bit better.  We learned that everyone is different with running and their approach to running.  We learned that you should always go to a running store to get shoes and to be fitted properly.  Pretty fantastic stuff!

A few people approached me asking that I continue this feature for 2010, so I am turning to you my awesome readers for advice.    Are you interested in seeing more Feet on the Street features?

8 thoughts on “2009 Feet on the Street Wrapup

  1. I think this feature is an awesome way to share tips. It’s very good to see how other people do things and it really helps to share ideas! I vote yes to more Feet on the Street!

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