November 25th, 2009: Schedule Change

Hi gang!  Quickie post before we get into full on Thanksgiving mode at the HQ!

Tuesday night I did enjoy a lovely glass of wine.

white wine I also had two squares of dark chocolate that did not want to be photographed.

I started my day yesterday with a five mile run and a glass of CS:

chocolate soymilk

Breakfast and lunch were pretty standard OHC meals.

Pumpkin oats and coffeePumpkin oats and coffee.

Smoothie, salad, and crackersSmoothie, salad, and crackers with hummus.  The smoothie was Bolthouse Farms green goodness because I was done with dishes and didn’t feel like dragging my blender out.

Yesterday I busted my hump and made:

  • Pumpkin pie (complete with homemade crust)
  • Greenbean casserole (can what? Not in this house)
  • Sweet Potato casserole

And I still had time to get everything for dinner prepped and ready to go.

Normally we have stick fighting on Wednesdays but the school is closed this week for the holiday.  Muay Thai runs conditioning on Wednesdays before Thanksgiving because they are closed on Thanksgiving day, so we hit conditioning last night.  It was hard!  He seriously made us work for our T-day dinner the next day!

We got home and it was time for Pizza!

PizzaSister, what?!  I know but clearly we won’t be having pizza Thursday and since we had conditioning last night, I figured to give us some goods.

  • Spelt crust
  • Spinach and sundried tomato on my side
  • Pizza sauce on Scott’s side
  • Shredded moz and parm
  • Red onion
  • Green pepper
  • Shredded carrot and zucchini

pizzaAfter dinner I seriously crashed hard on the couch, I did so much yesterday!  But that means today is easy peasy.

Have a Great Thanksgiving Friends!

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