November 24th, 2009: prepping away

Hi guys! Last night while snuggled in bed I had a mug of tea.


Mmmm and read my book. Totally relaxing and awesome. I woke up early this morning to get my run on. Ever have one of those days when five minutes into your run, you’re wondering if it’s time to go home? Yeah, I had that today. I don’t know why but I was just tired and wanted to be in bed. :p I pushed through 4 miles though and felt pretty happy with that.

Chocolate soymilk

CS, stretch, and shower later it was time for some breakfast up in herre!

Coffee and oatbran

Pumpkin oatbran and coffee. Glorious. If you’ve never had oatbran, I totally suggest you try it at least once.  It’s got a consistency like Cream of Wheat (or Coco Wheats for those of us that grew up with that).  It’s basically awesome stuff. :D

After breakfast I walked Rocky in this damp chilly gross weather we’ve been having. Then I proceeded to procrastinate like crazy. I have no idea why but I had some serious trouble getting motivated to get cooking. Normally that is never a problem so I’m going to blame it on the weather. All I wanted to do was nothing but chillz in my jamz.

Instead I made lunch because I was Starving, full on bellah growling, empty feeling, Starving. When I get this kind of hungry I know that I need some more protein in my life . I don’t know how or why I know this, I just do. Maybe it’s because I know the veggie and fruit aspect of my diet is not lacking in away way but the protein could be bumped up here and there from time to time.

Today I hit up my favorite sources for protein goodness.


Nuts, cheese, and seeds. This salad was basically a heavenly bowl of pure delicious.

  • Mixed greens
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  • Crushed mix of walnuts, pecans, and cashews
  • Feta
  • Red onion

Topped with balsamic + honey + olive oil So good I made a sad face when it was gone.

Pineapple, hummus, and crackers

Beans! The magical fruit! Hummus and crackers with the last of the pineapple in the back there.


Soymilk! Bump up that smoothie.

  • 1C vanilla soymilk
  • 1C unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1C water
  • Kale
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Frozen mango

Smoothie, salad, fruit, hummus and crackers

After lunch I finally got biz in the kitchen. I made a pie crust, whole wheat, and vegan/veggie friendly. Score! And also some whole wheat dinner rolls which are veggie friendly but no vegan love because I used an egg wash on top. As I was greasing a bowl for the dough, I splashed olive oil all over my shirt. Oops! Oh well, totally worth it as the rolls are fabbo.

At least I think so, they smelled good!

We did hit up Muay Thai this evening to get a workout on. Rawr! Before class I had half an Odwalla Sweet and Salty bar.

Odwalla bar Before my runs in the morning I usually eat 1/3 to 1/2 of some sort of bar.  Typically it’s a homemade oat bar that I’ve made because I would rather eat homemade something over processed something.  However I’m out of homemade bars and my next favorite bars to eat are Odwalla bars.  They are filling, great tasting, and come in tons of flavors.  This was a first for me trying the sweet and salty peanut one and I was in love.  LOVE!  It was so good, I literally had to force myself to stop eating it this morning.  Thankfully I was hungry before class so I could eat the rest of it. :p

After class it was home for another favorite source of protein.

Fish Tuesday!

Tortilla chips and cheese I was hungry yet again (empty pit today apparently), and while dinner cooked I pulled out a treat for us, some chili con queso from Whole Foods.  I bought it because it’s the holidays and we should have special things on occasion!  I can tell my tastes and preferences are changing because where once I would have loved nothing more than to chow down on this major, now not so much.  I had a few chips and then passed on having any more.  I was still “munchy” and had some BBQ baked chips instead (Kettle brand).  My reasoning is that I don’t really want cheese in this form.  If I’m going to get my cheese on, then I want real actual cheese pieces that I’ve cut myself off of a hunk of cheese goodness.  Or goat cheese, something more real than cream cheese mixed with cheddar and whatever else.  The cheese dip is not doing it for me any more.

Finally after what seemed like ages because Princess Scott was taking his sweet punk time in the shower today, we could finally eat some sup!

Fish, coleslaw, parsnip fries No close-ups because I wanted this in my bellah lickity-split.

Tilapia that I brushed with some soy sauce mixed with light olive oil, then seasoned with:

  • Sea salt
  • Pepper
  • Chili powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Cayenne pepper

Baked at 400 for about 7 minutes.

Parsnip fries (holla!) and the last of the coleslaw.  I thought I over loaded my plate but nah, I totally kicked that to the curb!

Now I’m off to finish the Pens game from yesterday and possibly have a glass of wine.  Hooray holiday season! :D

Oh!  I also did a guest post over at Mara’s!  It’s my chocolate zucchini bread recipe which you might have seen already but in case you haven’t, it’s up over there too!

One more thing!  Just a heads up that I may or may not have time to post tomorrow. :)  The day before is a huge prep and cook day for me, so I’ll probably be in the ktichen all day.  I’ll try to squeeze in some love though but I can’t make any promises!

6 thoughts on “November 24th, 2009: prepping away

  1. I hate those runs! Happesn to me at least once a week. Which kind of makes me think I’m due because all week I’ve been having GREAT runs! Ugh, I hope it doesn’t decide to hit me on Thursday when I have a Turkey Trot 5k!

    I get those cranky hunger pains too. Protein always seems to help. Bring on the Greek Yogurt, and go from grumpy to giddy. ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your week and good luck with the Thanksgiving prep! :)

    Love ya girly!

  2. I haven’t had oatbran in so long! It’s definitely time to shake up my breakfast menu. Your protein-packed lunch looks fab, and so does that tilapia. What a yummy-sounding marinade! Have a fun and productive prep day tomorrow :)

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever had a run that WASN’T like that :)

    I had oatbran again tonight with a melted banana in it. Yum, it’s just what I wanted.

    Good luck with all your prep tomorrow. I’ve got to get busy with it too!!!

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