November 1st, 2009: kitchen therapy

Hi gang and Happy November to you!  I hope that you all had an enjoyable weekend.  Mine went by way too quickly, I can assure you.  I would have posted yesterday but by 7pm I was passing out on the couch and the most I could muster was to just keep still. :p

I remembered to set my clock back so when I was up before 7am yesterday morning, I was 10 kinds of excited that it was light outside!  Hooray!  I quickly got Rocks taken care of and then got my hiney out the door for my long run.  Seven miles done and done!  I went super slow yesterday, that seven miles took me 1:18 to complete, but the upside is that I didn’t get a cramp in my side.  Lately I’ve been getting a cramp during my runs and have no idea why.  I’m assuming that I’m starting off too quickly maybe?  Yesterday no cramp and I felt as if I could have run forever.  Those are the best kinds of runs!

I was wearing my new RoadID during my run.


You’ll forgive the hair seeing as how this is post seven-mile run.  I opted for the sport wrist band version.  No dogtags because I didn’t want anything jingling and bouncing around while I ran.  Not the one that goes on the shoe pouch because in the event I go out after a run for something, for example, when I’m in San Fran and maybe we get breakfast after our runs.  I don’t want someone to look down and be able to see all my info right out in the open.  A wrist band is easy to find and I can keep it hidden from those that don’t need to see it.

RoadID is a fantastic company.  I have their shoe pouch which is easily the best shoe pouch on the market, flashing lights, and now my wristband ID.  They ship quickly and it doesn’t cost you your right arm.  The customer service is awesome!  I have a $1 off your order coupon for friends, if you are thinking about getting something from RoadID, let me know and I will email you the coupon code. :D

chocolate soymilk

After my huge glass of CS and shower, it was time to hit the couch with some coffee and small breakfast.

Coffee, yogurt, and granola

Yogurt with chocolate granola, cranberries, and some extra dark chocolate chips because it was the right thing to do.  Mmmm!  I read a few blogs while munching and had FoodTV on in the background.  I was using my brand spanking new little Netbook for the first time.  I will have to get a pic of him for you, his name is Blue Bug, Bug for short sometimes.  He’s an Aspire 11 inch netbook and he’s fabbo.  Of course he was stripped upon arrival and issued with Linux in place of Windows Vista (ew).  He’s a cute little thing but I do have to get used to his smallness.  I wrote Saturday’s recap then got up and busted my butt in the kitchen for a bit.

Whoa but it was nice to get cooking since I am finally back to having supplies.  My list of things I accomplished were:

  • Getting some chicken breasts in a brine (most fabbo brine ever, we’ll talk about it soon)
  • Made granola
  • Made oat protein bars
  • Made applesauce
  • Made Sunday breakfast

Whew!  That 1/2 peck bag of apples I got was for applesauce which turned out fabbo.  I saved a little dish for Scott and he kept sneaking back in and filling it up as he was getting it packaged up in tupperware. :lol:

I have found that anything over 6 miles causes me to be a hungry monster resulting in me with just wanting to stuff mah face.  Thank goodness stuffing one’s face with yummy food is completely possible.


Pumpkin Cider waffles (WW pastry and AP flour used) and chicken breakfast sausage.


Sliced apple on the side.

coffee, waffles, sausage, and apple

All together with a second cup of coffee.  I started with 1.5 waffles and ended up getting that other half to eat.  I also ate all of the apple and then started picking some sausage off of Scott’s plate.  I told you I was hungry!

After eating and kitchen clean up, I got dressed and we took Rocks out for a walk.  Yesterday was just plain gorgeous!  The weather for my run was the exact perfect weather that I love, cool, frosty, but totally sunny.  I love running in the cold!  And for the walk yesterday, it was just slightly warm but still a small chill in the air and still perfectly sunny.  Love it!

After our walk, I changed into my jammies because I was spent.  I was tired and fully ready to just chill out.  I got some laundry going and then called my aunt who turned 84 yesterday.  She lives on her own in a little apartment and is still doing very well.  Her memory isn’t what it used to be but otherwise she is going and going.  Then I talked with my mom and after that it was time to get dinner going.

I pulled the chicken out of the brine and got it into the roasting pan with some carrots, parsnips, and onions.  Seasoned and a bit of olive oil, then into the oven it went till it was golden delicious.

Roast chicken and mashed rutabega

Winner winner chicken dinner.

There was also some mashed rutabaga on the side.  It had a splash of milk and small amount of butter to it as well.

roasted parsnips and carrots chicken and veggies

My portion, high in veg, medium amount of chickie.  Dinner was totally fantastic.  The brine worked out really well for the chicken, the base of it being apple cider.  Mmmm!

After dinner we kicked it on the couch for a bit.  We finished Saturday’s hockey game (horrible) and then watched more old scary movies.  We watched The Haunting, 1963 version which was extremely good up until the end which seemed very anti-climatic.  Aside from that it’s a pretty great film.  Then we watched Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the 1941 version with Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner, and Ingrid Bergman.  This movie was awesome.  I have not read the book so I was going into the film not knowing much and I was totally unprepared for how sadistic Mr. Hyde really was.  Wow!  If you dig older films like we do, give these movies a try. :D

Of course there was a snack!

white wine PB cookies

A glass of white and three PB cookies (homemade).  Mmmm!  The cookies were heated up in the microwave for just a few seconds to make them all warm and delish.  After the movies I totally crashed in bed.  I was so tired!  I fell asleep instantly.  Heaven!


Guys don’t forget to check out the Holiday Card Exchange post!  Let me know if you’re interested! :D

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  1. YAyyy for a new netbook baby!! Sounds great :) My friends and i were JUST talking about how legit the REAL deal pb cookies are, with the little fork press and everything, yummm!

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