October 25th, 2009: get purty

Hi gang!  Yes it’s me again already!  I know how excited you are. ;) I got up this morning ready to tackle my run like a pro!


It was just starting to get light, the perfect time to head out for a peaceful morning and long run.  I had a goal today.  If I didn’t make it, I would not get upset just realize that it wasn’t time yet.  Man I wanted to hit that goal.

And I totally did!  Seven miles in the bag!  Can I get a what, what up in here!

Chocolate soymilkI have not run 7 miles since earlier this year and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would make it today.  My hamstring felt a bit tight before I even headed out.  I decided to just shoot for the sky and see what happened.  If I didn’t make it, that it would be okay, I would get it next time.  I totally made it though and my hamstring didn’t bother me at all!  My pace was a bit slower, pushing close to the 11min/mile but I really don’t care.  I’m happy I made my seven miles!  GO ME!  The weather was gorgeous today too, very cool and crisp.  Everything was all frosted over and it easily must have been in the high 20s, low 30s this morning.

I slammed a huge glass of CS and then went back out to get Rocky’s walk done.  With the wedding today, I wasn’t sure if there would be time to walk him before we needed to start getting dressed and ready to go.

coffee, scone, yogurt, and granolaRemember my scone from yesterday?  My reward for 7 miles today!  Wheee!  There’s also some 2% Fage + chocolate granola in the bowl.  Need a better look at that plate?

skull plateOoooo spooky scary!  I got it at Target, it would be the bomb if it wasn’t melanine.  What is with that popping up all over the place lately?!

The scone filled me up enough that I didn’t eat the yogurt, I went ahead and put that back in the fridge.  I will come to regret this decision later.

After working on yesterday’s post, I got up and started making Sunday breakfast.  I wanted it to be veggie packed to make sure we get in our servings today.

When we are going out, either to a party or some sort of function where I’m not quite sure what the food situation is going to be like, I like to stock up on fruit and veggies before hand.  That way, I know for sure I got all my servings in for the day and I can feel good about whatever I eat at the party/event we attend.  Plus I also don’t have to worry about making sure I get in a serving of fruits or veggies at the event which can sometimes be difficult.  It causes me less stress and I’m able to relax and have a much better time knowing I took care of the bod before hand. :D

purple potatoYesterday, Inggrie gave me two purple potatoes to try out.  She got a bunch of them from the Farmer’s Market last week, so I took two off her hands.  I chopped them up and made roasted potatoes with them.  She said if you make mashed potatoes, the whole dish comes out purple!  Good idea for Hallween if you are having a party or attending one and you need a dish.  Make purple mashed potatoes!

FritattaMore veggies came in fritatta form!  Egg whites and two eggs mixed with:

  • Onion
  • Green pepper
  • Spinach
  • Butternut squash

Topped with a bit of grated swiss.

potatoes, sausage, muffinOn the side was some chicken sausage, the potatoes, and 1/2 an Ezek English mufffin with a bit of butter.

coffee, fritatta, muffin, sausage, and potatoes Along with a second cup of coffee.  Look at all that food!  I totally kicked that and then went in for more.  I had another half slice of fritatta and another 1/2 Ezek muffin.

Me: Man I am HUNGRY! I’m having another half of the muffin.

S: You can have mine, I’m not going to eat all this food.

Me: Wha???  No that’s okay, I don’t want to rip myself off, I want a whole 1/2 slice.

S: You’re not going to rip me off.

Me: That’s not what I said.  I said, I don’t want to rip myself off.  I didn’t say anything about you.  I want a whole slice.  You have half a half slice there.  I want a whole half slice.

S: Oh, I see.

Me: Mhmm.  Right now I’m concerned about my bellah.

Not only did I kick that other half slice, I started picking more potatoes off Scott’s plate since he was not going to be participating in the clean plate club today.

Realizing I ran 7 miles today, I know my hunger is going to be a bit elevated.  However, the reason I couldn’t get satisfied at brunch was because I didn’t have the yogurt + granola after my run.  I really need that fat and protein combo in order to refuel and feel complete.  That scone, while tasty was straight up carbs for me and I will blow through that like it’s nothing.  It will fill me up and make me think I’m full for about an hour, and then I’m ready to keep stuffing my face.  Next time I’ll know, stick with protein and fat for fuel!

Don’t worry, smoothies and fruit will be coming up!  That’s going to be my snack before we head off to the wedding.  I wanted to get this posted though in the event I won’t have time to post when we get back.  Later my pretties, I hope you are having a fantastic Sunday!

3 thoughts on “October 25th, 2009: get purty

  1. That’s pretty smart, eating lots of veggies at home. You probably won’t be as hungry and you got all your veggie+fruit servings. :)

    Congrats on your 7 mile run!

    Hope you’re having fun at the wedding. :)

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