October 24th, 2009: dress it up

Hi guys!  We need to jump in the way back machine for a minute, all the way back to Friday evening!

white wine and dark chocolateWow does that picture look really dark?  Hrm, dunno what happened there.  I had a glass of white and some dark chocolate Friday evening while watching the Pens game.  I was passing out tired too, so I only made it through two periods before having to call it a night.

Scott and I ended up not being able to attend MT yesterday morning.  Guys I can’t even being to tell you how crazy our fall has been!  Literally since September we have just been loaded down with things to do and get accomplished.  Yesterday we had to shop.  And yup, I mean that fully, we HAD to shop.  I’ll explain in a sec.

coffee and oatsSince I knew we were going to out and about all day long, we needed big time fuel.  I made a big batch of pumpkin oats with a huge honey crisp added in.  Good thing too because we were gone all day long.

Shortly after breakfast we packed up and headed out to Kohl’s.  Here’s the thing: neither Scott nor I have nice wool winter dress jackets.  In fact I’ve never owned one before in my life and I’m pretty sure that Scott hasn’t either unless you count his military uniform dress jacket.  Which while nice, really isn’t appropriate.  We needed these jackets because it’s always a good idea to have a decent dress jacket and because we needed them for the wedding we are going to (which is today, Sunday).  Nothing like last minute, eh?

We have been looking for jackets for a long time and not finding what we wanted.  If by chance I found a style I liked, the store didn’t have my size.  We scored paydirt at Kohl’s.  Scott found a jacket he liked and I found one that not only I like, is in my size!  Wooo!  I also found a casual dress and some fancy pants shirts too.

Scott Me

After Kohl’s we headed over to TehKu because Inggrie was doing a fall tea tasting!  It was after 3pm by this point and both of us were a bit hungry.  We decided to have some lunch first.

soup and saladI had half a salad and soup.  My salad had mixed greens and lots of lovely spinach, apples, cranberries, cucumber, feta, and candied walnuts drizzled with a raspberry vinaigrette.  The soup was a creamy potato soup!  Everything is homemade at Tehku, including the dressings!  I inhaled my salad and had half the soup.  Both were awesome!

TeasThere were five teas to taste and you also got a scone as part of the tasting.  I saved my scone for later!  The teas from left to right were:

  • My Apple Pie
  • Mountain View (iced)
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • After the Rain
  • Relax Me Honey! (latte style)

They were all awesome!  What I love about Inggrie’s teas is that they are all her creations and combinations.  They are tea but also pieces of fruit, flowers, and sometimes even chocolate mixed in!  Amazing!  Also as part of the tasting, you got to take a sample bag home of one of the teas. I choose Relax me Honey and Scott picked My Apple Pie.  Both are considered relaxation teas, which tend to be my fave!

At this point it was time to head home.  We took Rocky out for a quick walk and then got him some supper.  I took some time out to paint my nails and finally it was time for some dinner!  It was late and we decided to just go with leftovers.

pizza and pad thaiThat plate looks like a hot mess doesn’t it?  Lordy!  It’s pizza and Pad Thai.  I ended up not eating the Pad Thai, I had a few bites and it just was not what I wanted.  In its place I had two more slices of pizza.  Mmmmm!  Leftover pizza was amazing and hit the spot.

I was freezing cold so I wrapped up myself in our new fleecy throw and sipped some tea.

tea and dark chocolate chipsI made some of the new Relax Me Honey tea and snacked on a few chocolate chips too.  The tea is a South African Rooibos with mint and dark chocolate mixed with the tea.  It’s amazing!  I added just a touch of honey and loved every minute of it.  And it totally worked, I was passing out; 10pm and this grandma hit the hay for a glorious sleep. :D

6 thoughts on “October 24th, 2009: dress it up

  1. Cozy was the word I thought of too. Nice warm cozy food and drink to get through the cold days. We were out in the pouring rain at the football game Friday night. It wasn’t cold out, but cozy and dry would have been nice.

  2. I’m from California so I don’t really need to own a nice winter jacket but I totally want one like yours. You look so cute. I actually have a peacoat that I like but never get to wear it because it doesn’t get under 50 here ever.

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