September 9th, 2009: putting it in perspective

Hi guys!  I kept my promise, and went right up to bed after posting last night.  I wasn’t up for very long either, I crashed it out by 10pm and was totally zonked.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and knew there was no way I was going to be able to get up at 6am and start the day.  I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep.  I got up a little bit before 7am, took care of Rocky and then promptly told him we were going back to bed.

And we did!  Where I proceeded to sleep till 9am.  I was soooooo tired!  I didn’t get to recover much over the weekend despite there being a holiday.  I slept but just not enough and my body decided to cash in today I guess.

I also took a break from my run this morning.  According to my training schedule, Wednesdays I can either do a short run (2.5 miles) or cross train.  So if I’m going to miss a day of running, Wednesday would be a good day for that.  Also, very sadly, my right hamstring has been a bit tight and sore after my long runs.  It doesn’t last long, just the day of my run, but still it’s concerning.  It still has been a bit tight this week and so I decided to let it chill and rest.  The sleep was fantastic and much needed!

When I got up, I poured some coffee and made breakfast.  Since it was later in the day for me, I just had a yogurt mess.

Coffee and yogurt

A sliced peach, homemade granola, and 2% fage.  YUM!  But if I had to pick, this combo with an apple instead of a peach is much better.  Peaches are better for smoothies and oats!

I putzed around on the computer for a long time this morning.  I worked on some things and also did laundry.  Not running was seriously getting to me.  “I should have run.”  “It’s only 2.5 miles, that is not a big deal.”  I went back and forth for a very long time about what I was going to do.

One of the things that crossed my mind was that if I didn’t run today, will my Friday break and rest day really be deserved?

And that right there is crazy talk!  I’m all about listening to my body when it comes to food but when it comes to exercise, it’s a much harder challenge.  Because I think, how will I maintain this weight-loss if I don’t run?

There’s still that slight panic that I get sometimes.  And I need to keep it in check.

It’s at this point that I remind myself that the last bit of weight I lost, I lost during my month off of running and training.  Remember my last half, and how I pulled my hamstring and wasn’t allowed to run?  For a month I didn’t run, I only did martial arts training during the week.

Yet I still lost weight and my body went down to a weight where it’s comfortable and happy.

When I remind myself about this, taking a day off because my body is tired/sore or whatever, is better put into perspective.  And I realize that I have to look at the bigger picture and not all the micro things.

Instead of running, Rocky and I took a very lovely long walk this morning.  Then I came home and did some yoga and stretched for 30 minutes.  I really need to get back into stretching for that long again.  After my runs, I stretch but I don’t do a whole routine.  I think a whole routine would be really beneficial though.

I showered and then made lunch!  I have been craving tuna fish for ages and finally made some tuna salad today.


My portion was on top of mixed greens with some chopped tomato.  Also a little bit of lime juice to help cut the mayo and loosen it up a bit.  The tuna salad had:

  • 365 brand white albacore tuna in water (drained and flaked)
  • Chopped parsley and cilantro
  • Chopped red onion
  • 2 spoons of olive oil mayo
  • Dill, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little bit of chili powder.



And a smoothie!

  • 1C SO Delicious coconut milk
  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • 1C water
  • Kale
  • 3 sprigs of parsley
  • 1 banana
  • Frozen blueberries

Lunch was easy and delish!  I thought I was going to need a little something else but the salad and smoothie filled me up perfectly.

While I was in the kitchen I prepped dinner for later and I also prepped some things for tomorrow night’s dinner. ;)

More putzing around on the computer and then I heated up dinner.

Recently Scott and I tried some black bean and corn enchiladas from the Whole Foods prepped food case.  We each only had a bite because they were disgusting.  Sorry Whole Foods, but they were nasty.  I expected them to be light and flavorful.  Instead the filling, while it had black bean and corn, also seemed to have a really heavy cream-based sauce.  I don’t know if it was sour cream or what, but it was not what we were expecting.  Plus a ton of cheese on top of the enchiladas.  Just ick.

I decided to make my own version with the nice fresh local corn I bought.  However, because we are having carby cheesy goodness tomorrow night, I didn’t really want the same type of things two nights in a row.

What to do?

Black bean and corn stuffed peppers

Instead of enchiladas, I decided to put the filling into some green peppers and make black bean and corn stuffed peppers!  Still cheese on top but just a small amount for me. :D

Black bean and corn stuffed pepper

The filling had:

  • Corn (cut off the cob, 2 ears worth)
  • Black beans
  • Red onion
  • Green pepper
  • Shredded carrot
  • Salsa

Heated up for a bit and then put into peppers.  The peppers got topped with more salsa and baked at 375 for about 45 minutes or so.  At the last minute, topped with some pepperjack cheese.

Stuffed pepper and rice

I meant to add in the leftover rice from last night but forgot, so we just had that on the side. :p  And some quick guacamole in the middle.  YUM!  A great dinner and nice alternative to the enchiladas.  The peppers turned out totally fantastic.  And leftovers got boxed up and sent to the freezer to live until we need a quick meal. :D

Alright gang, I’m off to SF class and then bed.  I’m counting down the minutes until I can crawl in bed.  I still want some more sleep!  Till tomorrow my pretties!

9 thoughts on “September 9th, 2009: putting it in perspective

  1. Ina says:

    I really like So Delicious coconut milk, but I never would have thought of adding cranberry juice, kale, bananas, parsley, and blueberries to make a smoothie! It sounds intriguing. Is it tasty?

    And I love your checkerboard trimmed dishes. So cute!

  2. You couldn’t be more correct with your views on resting when it is needed. I often get that same panic feeling too when I don’t run, like this week, I am taking it easy in prep for my 1/2 on Sunday, but I need to keep reminding myself that I NEED to cut back in order to do great for the race.

    It’s so easy to become addicted to running everyday that it’s not only good for our bodies to take a day or two off, it’s also so good for the mind and soul!

    PS- Love the stuffed peppers! :)

    • Hey Taylor! Actually SF is a martial arts class that my husband and I do! We do a bunch of stuff along with stick work, like joint locks and limb destruction moves and all sorts of really fun martial arts stuff. :D I did a little bit of a write up on it here if you’re interested!

  3. My trainer built a schedule for me and one of my cardio days is just a brisk walk, if I want to opt out of the gym for a day. It’s sometimes a nice break from the routine.

    For the enchiladas, I should show that to Ted b/c he loves green peppers.

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