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My running shoesHi guys!  A thought occurred to me a little while ago and I thought I would toss it out there for all you locals to see if you’re interested.

For those of you that run or are maybe looking to start running, would you be interested in a Women’s Running Group?  I know there are loads of running groups around Columbus but they are more focused and geared towards group runs.

This would not be a group run.

Instead it would be a group that would meet, maybe once a month, to talk shop.  We could discuss our running and anything related to running.  Training programs, upcoming races, goals, running gear, and injuries, just to list off a couple of examples.  We could meet over coffee or heck, even wine and cheese and chat it up!

The reasoning behind my suggestion is that while in an ideal world, all our friends would be runners, the truth is that is not the case.  To be able to geekout with someone about running , who will understand where you’re coming from would make for a nice change.  You wouldn’t have to worry about boring someone with all the shop talk.

And I know a lot of us have online support, but meeting someone in person and having that social time to interact with others makes for a different experience.  Plus it would help us meet people and make new friends!  We might even learn about new running paths, races, or gear we didn’t know about before!

Win win!

I also thought that with Ohio winter approaching, having a group to chat with might help us stay motivated through the cold temps, snow, and holiday food! :p

So I’m just kind of tossing this out there to see if there’s any interest at all.  And if so, then I’ll work on putting something together and plan a meeting soon!

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