August 5th, 2009: On the road

Hi guys!  Quickie post about breakfast today.

Oatbran and coffeeDon’t get over excited now. ;)  I got up this morning and unfortunately there was no time for a run.  I just have way too many things to accomplish!  After I got a few things taken care of, I settled in for some breakfast.  Oatbran with raspberries and blueberries.  It was a little runny this morning, I think because I used more 1% organic milk than I did soymilk.  I haven’t bought milk in ages and decided to just get some and see how it goes over.  Well it doesn’t. :p  I don’t use it for anything so it’s almost senseless for us to have milk in the house.  And I don’t like how it makes my oats and oatbran seem watered down!

I will stick with soymilk!  I have yet to try regular unsweetened soymilk.  Have you?  What are you thoughts?

Here’s the big news! Scott and I have been invited down to Hocking Hills for the day and night to stay at a spa and retreat!  We will have our own little cabin and get to experience massages, wine tastings, and dinner with the owners of the Inn and Spa!  Wooo!  We will be staying at The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls.

We are totally excited to be getting away from it all for a short while!  I have no idea what the internet situation is going to be like down there or if I will even have time to post!  But there will be a full write-up and recap of the event once I get back.  We’ll be back on Thursday at some point.

Lunch to be eaten in the car on our way down which will be very soon.  Now I have to run so I can finish packing and get our things together for our little getaway.  :swingdance:

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