Review: Back to Nature Cheddar Crackers

Back to Nature Cheddar Crackers Cheese crackers and I have a long history together.  While everyone was snacking on chips or cheese doodles, I was being more sophisticated and health conscious by preferring to eat cheese crackers.  Or at least that’s what I told myself when I inhaled a box.  Cheese crackers were baked, unlike chips which are fried.  Cheese crackers had cheese! Cheese is good for you, so bonus!

Cheese Nips were my preferred choice of cracker.  I had Cheez-Its in a pinch and ate no-name brand to save some cash.  I did not eat Better Cheddars because Better Cheddars were some crazy oily crackers.  Sort of like the 13 year old version of Cheese Nips.  They hadn’t matured into greatness yet.

My most favorite type of cheese cracker were the Swiss cheese flavored crackers.  Those were some freaking awesome crackers and I loved when I was able to share space with some.  Especially if that space was my mouth.  That is a totally clean statement so don’t go twisting it into something dirty. You know who you are!

But then I got a clue and realized that those kinds of crackers aren’t really any better than chips.  Sure they’re baked but the ingredients were not things I was down with.  When I started eating healthier for real, I sort of gave up on cheese crackers.  For a while I was subbing with some goldfish but that just was not what I wanted, nor were they that great.

I pouted a little bit and stomped around and acted all overdramatic about the loss of my precious cheese crackers.  I did this all in my head, of course, to spare Scott because he didn’t need to witness his wife go all emo over some cheese crackers.

Then I finally put my foot down and thought, “Someone somewhere has to make a decent cheese cracker.”  And I started looking around.  It took me a while to find one.  I didn’t care for the ingredients in the Kashi version or any other versions I found.

Back to Nature Cheddar Crackers Ingredient List Until I came across Back to Nature and their cheddar crackers.  No preservatives!  Real ingredients that I understood!  No flip-flopping on what oil is used in the cracker. Yes the list is a bit long but it was one that I could in good conscious live with.

I bought them.

And I am happy to say that cheese crackers and I have been reunited!  These crackers are fantastic!  They are light and airy with no greasy feeling or taste.  The have a ton of flavor and there is no question that you are eating a cheese cracker when you start nibbling.ohc-review_backton-crackerThey look like your typical cheese cracker but taste hundreds of times better.  You can feel good about eating a product that has real ingredients and is packaged in a box made from recycled materials.


My current box is pretty much empty and I’m having to force myself to not inhale the entire thing.  If you think I didn’t eat those two crackers after I took the picture, you have learned nothing from this review.  Now if I can only convince them to make some Swiss cheese flavored ones too!

Run out and get a box because you can’t have mine!

8 thoughts on “Review: Back to Nature Cheddar Crackers

  1. Ahaha tasty!

    I make my own crackers which are super tasty. I recently tried adding cheese to them and it didn’t work at all, sighs. But eating my homemade crackers with slices of cheddar cheese on top tastes SO good :D

  2. You crack me up, especially with the part about being overly dramatic. I’m totally that way around food, although I haven’t learned to do it in my head yet! ;)

  3. I don’t think I’ve seen those but I’ll definitely look for them. I used to get the light version of Cheez Its b/c I was shocked to find out how unhealthy the regular version was — I’d rather have the chip.

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