May 1st, 2009: Dinner

Hi guys!  Thank you for all the sweet messages and support! :cheerful:

We did not make the grocery store today.  Booo because that means we’ll have to suck it up and go on Sunday and I’m not looking forward to that.  I took Rocky out for his walk and halfway through we got stuck in a huge downpour.  Yikes!  We were soaking wet by the time we got home.  Then it started thundering, lightening, and the tornado sirens started going off.  Nice.  So yeah, we decided to stay put.

I showered and did some laundry. Had to get my stuff ready for tomorrow!  My race clothes are drying and I’m also packing a backup set of clothes in case it rains or afterwards I’m a sweaty gross mess and need to change.

While we decided about dinner, I put out some chips.  That’s right, chips.



Some baked and some chipotle.  I had a bit of both.  Dinner was up in the air because I didn’t have the ingredients for what I really wanted to make.  I was slightly disappointed but with me being so nervous I don’t think I would have eaten much of it anyway.  It’s probably for the best I couldn’t make it as I love the dish so much I want to be able to enjoy it!  I was thinking of a pasta dish in case you’re curious.

pizza pretty

pizza pretty

Instead we had pita pizzas!  I had to take a picture of them before I cut them up because they were just so pretty. :D

the best that I could do

the best that I could do

Along with the pizzas there were sweet potato fries because goodness I needed some veggies in a big way.  That’s all I was craving really was veggies and this is all I have in my house! :p  Also some vegan nuggets I tossed in some buffalo sauce.  Mmmmm!

Alright guys, t-minus 1/2 hour before I need to be in bed.  Scott’s going to rub my legs first and then I’m off to read in bed for a bit.  I doubt I’ll be able to post before leaving tomorrow as I’ll be busy packing and getting ready.  I can’t promise the race recap post will be up tomorrow but I’ll try!

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    • Heather, They are just like fire alarms. In fact I can’t tell the difference and never know if a fire alarm is going off or if it’s supposed to be a tornado warning. :p

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