Anyone going to BlogHer Food ’09

BlogHer Food 09Have you guys seen this?  I came across it the other day and it piqued my interest.  I have been tossing around the idea of attending a BlogHer event for ages.  But I was concerned that some of the panels and speakers might not apply to food blogging because food blogging is a whole other beastie.  And now with the BlogHer doing a food specific based conference I’m definitely interested to see what’s going down.

I know Tina mentioned that she is going, is anyone else?  I’m debating it.  I hate traveling alone and I haven’t been on a plane in ages.  Perhaps if I found a travel buddy?  I’m not talking about sharing a hotel room or anything, just hooking up for the flight and having a buddy backup at the conference. :D

There’s also rumors of a Food Blogging Summit but I haven’t heard word on when that is supposed to be.  I can only do one or the other and BlogHer tickets sell out fast so planning is a must.

So guys what are your thoughts?  Are you going or interested in going?

3 thoughts on “Anyone going to BlogHer Food ’09

  1. I would definitely try to attend if we were going to be back, but I’ll still be in Brazil. Maybe next year. I’ll be your travel buddy if it ever works out. :)

  2. blogher is lame :) come to our summit. it will be in august in boston, and it will be A LOT CHEAPER than blogher. and it will generally be cooler.

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