May 26th, 2009: Dinner: Coconut crunch!

Hi guys!  Can we talk about dinner?  Awesome!  It’s Tuesday and even though we didn’t make MT this evening (Hubs had to work), I still made fish and rice for dinner.  Except I decided to experiment with the fish this time around.  Thankfully the experiment paid off!

Experimental fish

Experimental fish

Hello coconut crusted tilapia!  I just threw stuff together so I don’t have exact measurements but I’m thinking about posting it as a recipe anyway because it turned out really nice.  And the tilapia was baked so healthly bonus there and I also used some other “healthy” ingredients.  Whee! :D  On the side was some brown rice that I seasoned with a little soy sauce, red pepper flakes, curry powder, and garlic powder.  Mmmmm  And also a baked sweet potato.  I was going to make some b-nut fries but as I was cutting up the b-nut, the smell was a little off-putting.  Not that it was bad, but I just realized that b-nut was not what I wanted.  Except for a few bites of rice, I totally cleaned my plate. :D

How about I totally forgot today was Tuesday?  Yeah, that’s why there is no Tuesday Tip up!  Doh!  I mean I knew it was Tuesday but I didn’t realize it was Tuesday.  Make sense?  Shame on me!


If you have a blog, how do you handle negative, nasty, snarky, and just plain rude comments?  I have not been subject to this just yet but I’m sure it will come as this is Teh Interwebs after all.  I saw some negative comments recently and just rolled my eyes.  But truthfully, it bothered me just a bit because I felt bad for the blogger!  I can’t stand when someone rains on someone else’s parade like that.  If it’s happened to you, how do you deal with it?

3 thoughts on “May 26th, 2009: Dinner: Coconut crunch!

  1. I hate negative comments! (How’s that for irony?) But anyway – I feel bad for the blogger too! Some comments are just plain rude and need to be removed (i.e. young-sounding kids writing curse words all over your blog – which happened to me) and some are constructive criticism. But I think there’s a difference between constructive and plain mean – which I see from time to time. I hate judgers!

  2. That tilapia looks great! The coconut crust sounds amazing.

    I haven’t had any negative comments on my bog yet. I think I would remove the childish and rude comments, but leave comments with constructive criticism. I know myself, and I have to admit that my feelings would be hurt. But then I’d remind myself that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I’m entitled to my opinion that the mean commenter is a bastard :D

  3. So far, knock on wood, I’ve been pretty lucky on not gettnig those types of comments — maybe it’s b/c I’m not searchable to the search engines?

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