March 25th, 2009: Dinner (And KODO Recap)

Hi guys!  Last night ended up being a late one. :O  By the time we were sitting on the couch in our jammies it was 11pm.  That’s a late night for us old farts.  But first, eats!

Not that I was hungry but I just wanted some, I had a bit of yogurt with some granola.



Love yogurt + granola.  Mmmm It helps my soul, I swear it!  Then I blew off work and stuff to read in bed for a bit.  I turned on the heating blanket and just chilled for about an hour or so.  Thanks to Andrea for the Overstock suggestion!  I totally forgot about them and I saw some desks that interest me, so yay!

Dinner was simple.  I pulled out some veggie shepherd’s pie for Scott and heated that up.  I wasn’t feeling it though; seemed a little too heavy.  Plus we were going to a show and high class civilized people eat things like truffles and goat cheese before their show.  I don’t have truffles and I don’t think I would eat some if I did (of course referring to the fungus and not the chocolate) but I do have goat cheese!  So I went that route.

civilized bistro salad

civilized bistro salad



I had a small salad with:

  • Spinach
  • Mixed greens
  • Cucumber
  • Blueberry granola
  • Cranberries
  • Crushed walnuts
  • Goat cheese (!!)

Drizzled with some balsamic and oil.  On the side I had a three Raincoast Crisps crackers, so yummy! I love those things!  After dinner it was time to get dressed for the show!  High class civilized people always have a preshow drink.  Since I’m battling the hacking cough, I went with a spritzer instead.  High class civilized people don’t say fizzies, they say “spritzers”.  So I had a POM spritzer.



POM + seltzer.  I’m sure high class civilized people would have used tonic but I don’t have any and I like seltzer thankyou.

While Scott was primping, I was trying to find something to wear.  All my pants and skirts are too big on me again so I feel silly.  It was pouring rain, so a skirt was out.  And I remembered it was a bit tightly packed in the theater so I wanted to wear something comfortable.  I chose pants that didn’t look too awful.  I had chocolate brown cords on and that green shirt.  It was okay but nothing fancy-schmancy.  Then I had on brown shoes which I love but are more for going shopping then they are for going on a date to a show.  Scott came downstairs looking all dapper and fancy with dockers and a button up shirt, suede jacket and dress shoes.

I looked like his cousin Cletus dressed for Margarita night over at The Applebee’s.  Especially since my hair was crazy flat because of the rain and humidity.  And my clod-hopper shoes made the outfit.  I need to drop some serious cash and go shopping.  I need nice clothes and shoes.  Good lord.

Then we were off!  We wanted to leave a bit early but somebody took a long time primping and dealing with facial hair.  And no it was not me!  If I had that much facial hair to deal with I would probably cry.  So we left around 7:00pm and the route my date uses to get to the Palace Theater downtown takes us through the ghetto which doesn’t make for much date night fun.  It does however provide discussion starters because you notice things while stopped at a red light.

“Hey, that bus bench ad is for a lawyer you can call when you get arrested.  Do you think people write down the number to keep handy?”

That said, I would like to try a different route that does not take me and my wee hobbit car through the ghetto.  Thanks, Date!

Basic program which was more ads than info

Basic program which was more ads than info

We parked and arrived a few minutes before 8pm.  I was surprised how many people were there only because I didn’t think many people knew about KODO.  We were not allowed to take pictures but I took some anyway because I’m a rebel and I strive to only bring you the best recaps!  I didn’t take any of the performance though because that is very very wrong and I was watching the show.

The Palace Theater is very old and just plain awesome.  It’s beautiful inside!

View to the left

View to the left

Center stage

Center stage

The seats are a little squishy though and people are way too far into my personal space.  It’s a challenge to have to accept that for the evening but I managed.

Scott and Cletus

Scott and Cletus

Here’s us being very uncivilized and waiting for the show to start.  It’s okay though because once the show started I realized that we were not in civilized company.  Oh Columbus. Twice I’ve been to the Palace to watch a show and twice I’ve been very disappointed by the audience.  Where are your manners?!

People’s cell phones going off with crazy ringtones despite the announcement before the show to turn them off.  Screaming kids.  I understand wanting to expose your child to different cultural things but a 2 year old at a taiko drum show that runs 2 hours probably won’t hold the kid’s interest.  Just a hunch.  Oh and the wolf whistles or whatever that very loud fingers-in-the-mouth (Dude, seriously how disgusting!) whistle is.  Really?

But aside from that the show was awesome!  These folks have amazing skill along with strength and conditioning to be able to play those drums.  The show was just short of two hours long and it was nonstop.  I have no idea how they were able to do it without breaks.  Sure some of them got breathers here and there, but someone was always doing something, it was never quiet.  I would go see them again in a heartbeat!

Once it was over we were able to make it to the car and out of the parking garage in record time.  We got home around 10:30ish and changed into jammies.

Civilized people after a show go out for drinks and dessert.  We are old and slightly less civilized so it was home to have a bedtime snack in our jammies.  But oh, what a glorious bedtime snack it was.

just what was needed

just what was needed

Dark chocolate chip panettone.  Oh yeah!  I’ve had this baby in my freezer waiting for the proper moment to indulge.  Last night was it and I had two wonderful slices.  It was so good!  Three are on the plate because one is Scott’s.  Plus some dried fruit for me some prunes and apricots.  And some seltzer on the side.  My throat was screaming for a drink.  It was dry and scratchy because I didn’t have any access to a drink during the show.  I did very well keeping myself from spiraling into a coughing fit.

After my snack it was bedtime and I was wiped out!  I wanted to get a picture of us in our jammies with our snack so you could see for yourself how proper (or unproper?) we are but I was too tired.  Sorry, I know you’re disappointed at not seeing my plaid jammie pants.  They are a sight to behold I promise you.

11 thoughts on “March 25th, 2009: Dinner (And KODO Recap)

  1. Heather says:

    I know I’m always appalled at people’s manners at concerts too.

    And yeah I totally get you on the personal space thing. Sheesh.

  2. I’m so glad you had a good time. You guys are SO CUTE together!! And you do NOT look like Cousin Cletus! You look pretty and classy, although I notice you did not include your shoes in the picture ;-)

  3. Sunshine says:

    Columbus, it’s a little concept called THEATER ETIQUETTE – get to know it, please?

    I’m with you! 3 Complaints regarding the audience last night:

    1. I know it’s allergy season – but during the quiet moments of the show, did you notice all of the coughing, sniffling and sneazing? Can you pull yourselves together pre-show people? Quick stop to the drugstore for some antihistamines? I’m not a doctor, so I’m not sure. Just wondering if you need your mommies to help you out in this area?

    2. You don’t have to be so quick to clap, my goodness, chill out and get into the experience. There were times towards the end of a number where the drumming is very quiet. Keep your hands in your laps until they are clearly finished. (Pick up on cues; lights dim, performers STOP playing, ect….I would say rely on common sense here, but well we see where that gets us.)

    3. Kids – yes, could not agree more. In fact I said to my fiance who was so kind to get us tickets, I said, “I wish my parents would have taken me to such events. I would have loved the exposure to such cultural performances. Will we take our kids someday?” I mean kids, kids that can appreciate an evening of this nature. NOT BABIES. When did it become acceptable to bring babies to the theater? Get a sitter people, and if the sitter bails, have the courtesy to give the tickets to friends, family or neighbors?

    To the Palace & KODO; Price increase on tickets perhaps to weed out certain………..fill in the blank.

    More importantly than my completely none important list above; KODO WAS FABULOUS. Another wonderful performance. I haven’t seen them in nearly a decade and they were just as entertaining as they were then. I’ve seen them twice prior to last night; The Palace and The Zoo. The Palace is definitely the right venue for such a show. Acoustics are perfect.

    Because I haven’t seen them in so long, I noticed a difference last night. New, young performers, definetly brought a fresh and young influence to the show. Very enjoyable.

    Columbus – when they are kind enough to visit again, do yourself a favor and don’t miss it. Unless you can’t control your allergies, lack the ability to read visual cues and your sitter can’t make it last minute. Then don’t bother.

    Thank you KODO for another great show! Can’t wait for your return!

    • Sunshine, Yes there were a good bit of people coughing and murmuring throughout the show. The couple next to us kept using their cellphone light to check the program.

  4. What’s the recipe for that POM spritzer — it sounds good and love the color! Glad you had a nice time on your b-day date, despite the crowds. I can’t count how many times Ted and I won’t do something, simply just to avoid the public.

  5. Sunshine says:

    LOL – exactly what I’m talking about Andrea! It’s a good thing I love Columbus as much as I do. I can sleep it off and forgive.

    I’m just glad I was introduced to KODO in the first place and remembered to check their tour schedule every year since I last saw them so that I did not miss them. Coughing, sniffles and sneezes aside….it was still GREAT!

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