Feet on the Street: Andrea

Hi guys! It’s me. :D  I figured since it’s my birthday month and being my site and all, I would feature myself. ;)  I  am in love with doing this feature and I hope you guys are enjoying it as well.  No Tuesday Tip today, just me. Let’s take a look at some kicks!

Brooks Adrenalines

Brooks Adrenaline GTS8

These are my Brooks Adrenalines.  And they are the second pair of Brooks for me.  When I went in to purchase new shoes, I showed the person helping me my old shoes first.  Which if you are going for new running shoes always bring in your old pair.  This way the person at the store can get a better understanding of how you move.  Along with looking at how you walk, they will be able to look at your old shoes for clues on the wear and tear and where it seems to be located.  This gives them more information about how you walk and about your balance.  Even if you don’t have old runners, bring in an old pair of shoes for them to evaluate.

When I first bought running shoes, it was determined that I needed stability shoes. I tend to start on the outside of my foot and roll inwards, basically overpronating.  Runner’s World has some great descriptions of what this means.  The fact that I do this doesn’t surprise me; my dad walked the same way except his walk was very exaggerated.  Almost like duck walking, he walked with his feet turned out so much.  My feet probably have identity issues.  When I was younger, my feet turned in too much, so I had to wear corrective shoes.  It was the 70s so think huge ugly brown prescription shoes.  Roawr!  Then I danced for years and years, and so my feet had to turn out even more.   Stability shoes are something I will always need.  You don’t ever really get away from that.  So for my second pair,  I went in knowing I would be sticking with another stability shoe.  I wanted to try something other than Brooks though since I already used those.  I was looking to branch out more.

I tried on different shoes and nothing was working.  I also have really narrow feet with an even narrower heel.  A lot of the stability shoes I was trying on were either too big or felt really bulky and clunky due to the added support.  The person helping me brought out the new Brooks Adrenalines for me to try on.  I gave in and tried them because nothing else was working and I needed a new pair of shoes STAT.

The fit on these was amazing.  They are cushy, light, and fit my narrow feet perfectly.  I could not have asked for a better shoe and am so glad that I was convinced to give them another try!  I bought them right away and, bonus, they are not pastel!

These shoes have gotten me through all of my milestones so far and will get me through even more.  These shoes will see my first double digit mile run.  They will see my first 1/2 race.  And goodness knows what else as I keep tackling new goals.  My shoes are Adrenaline GTS 8 and I see the 9 is already out.  And in some pretty snazzy colors as well!

Zappos.com actually has a really great description of this shoe. I would post some highlights but my copy/paste is being a dinkus right now and we’re not speaking to each other at the moment.  Please follow the link to see the description because it is very good.

Now on to fun stuff!

That little pouch on my shoe is from RoadID.com and can hold whatever you need.  I use it to hold my keys during my runs but it’s also big enough to hold money, credit card, and your ID for example.  I personally recommend every runner to have a shoe pouch.  Not only can it hold that stuff, but it can also hold backup gels or energy cubes for distance running.  The shoe pouch doesn’t feel heavy on the foot when it’s filled, nor does it throw off the balance during a run.  RoadID is an amazing company and the customer service is outstanding.  Please check them out if you need some running gear.



My heartrate monitor is a most awesome green.  I love this little guy.  He keeps me in line.  I know my heartrate at all times and am able to determine when I should pick up the pace a bit.  He also records my time and calories burned during my runs.  If you’re just starting out running or doing some serious exercise and looking to monitor your workouts, I totally recommend getting one.

I can’t share with you a play list because I don’t have one.  At this point in time, I don’t run with music but I’m looking to change that.  My runs are getting longer and wow but I need something to sort of help me zone out.  I’m in the middle of looking for a music program that will work with both my Linux and Mac (I don’t like iTunes).

My favorite colors are blue and green and if I can get running clothes in those colors, I’m stoked.  My favorite hoodie happens to be green and I love wearing it.  My running toboggan is blue and green.

Any questions for me about running or my shoes, please ask away!  Hope you guys liked the article. :D

11 thoughts on “Feet on the Street: Andrea

  1. hmm itunes is really the only decent one I know of at the moment. I am a brooks fan too! I just watched a video of my stride and it was SOOO interesting! The local running stores are a great help.

  2. Funny you should mention HRM I’ve just been looking at some on Amazon. I want one that tells you the amount of calories burnt too as I want to know what I burn while doing workout videos. I can’t afford one at the moment :( but I did find a pedometer to track cals burnt during walks.

  3. Love your hrm! Does it come with a chest strap? I have been thinking about getting one but thinking the chest strap might be annoying to wear all the time…

    • Sara, it does indeed come with a chest strap. I have a sports bra that hangs down a little lower so I wear that when wearing the chest strap. It helps hold it in place a little more securely. Honestly I don’t even notice the chest strap when I wear it. :D

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