Random Acts of Kindness Week

Did you know that this week is Random Acts of Kindness week?  It kicks off today and continues through to the 15th.  Random acts of kindness can be anything from buying the person in line behind you a coffee to helping someone take out their trash.

I wanted to take this time to highlight a particular act of kindness that has my full support.  My friend, T, has a son who is amazingly gifted with ceramics.  And I mean that sincerely, his stuff is incredible.  How he got his start with ceramics can be found here.  His name is Michael and I am in awe of the things he makes.  One of the things he is doing is creating “change”, and I mean that in more ways than one.



The idea is to carry some around with you and when you have a positive interaction with someone, give them a piece of change.  Perhaps two, one to keep and one to pass on when they have a positive interaction with someone.

Let’s think about this for a minute.  Maybe at first it seems odd, why give something to a stranger?  But going deeper, the question then becomes, why not?  Guaranteed that person will remember the interaction and perhaps it will make them smile a little brighter that day.  And keep them smiling as they remember that someone was nice to them.

In a world where everyone is rushing around and the first emotion tends to be cranky, doing something nice for someone can have the ability to change lives.  Yours and theirs.

I have my order in for change and loads of it.  If you would like some change as well, follow the link to T’s blog and drop him a line.  He’ll gladly send some to you too.

Kick off Random Acts of Kindness week by doing something nice for someone today.

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