January 8th, 2009: Dinner



I got hungry late this afternoon and decided to try the cinnamon Puffins with yogurt.

2% fage + puffins.  It was good and I enjoyed the Puffins much better this way.  However, about five minutes after I was done eating I felt all bloated and gross.  My sweatpants were tight on me. Ew that’s a yucky feeling.  The box touted “high fiber” but I didn’t really pay much attention to that because most cereals tout that they contain fiber.  Looking on the box it has 6g of fiber per 2/3 cup serving! :o  Now I didn’t have 2/3 cup, probably half that. but it was enough to make me all yucky bloated.  Sorry cinnamon Puffins but I don’t think I’ll be having you again, I can’t stand that feeling!  It’s one thing to feel full and quite another to feel all distended.

(Footnote: Yes that is a bottle of wine that I opened to breathe to go with dinner later.  And also those are leftover chips from lunch that I ate like an animal cursing Scott’s name the entire time.  He was responsible for cleaning up and didn’t put them away just set them there on the cutting board, taunting me.)

Scott and I did not hit MT this evening.  My finger (remember I burned the heck out of it) still hurts and it got agitated a little on Tuesday’s class.  So I opted to stay home hoping that helps some healing time.

Eventually it was time to make some dinner.  And this was on the fridge:



If it’s on the fridge, I guess that means it’s true!  We had pizza Thursday today.  Hooray!  I made the crust and I am very close to perfecting this so give me a little more time and I should be able to post a recipe soon. :D

pizza thursday

pizza thursday

The crust had WW pastry flour and flax seeds in it.  I made a quickie sauce and my half had:

  • Red onions
  • Green peppers
  • Banana peppers
  • Small amount of Italian sausage

Scott’s half had more sausage and ham.  I think you can clearly see who’s side is whose.  (Or is it whose then who’s?  Frack I have no clue.)

my plate

my plate

I started off with three pieces.  I ate two and then put one back because it was a good piece.  Center with a nice thicker crust so I saved that for Scott. :cheerful:  I had another half piece, so 2.5 total.  Plus a wee glass of red.  We watched the first period of the Pens game from Tuesday.  Meh.

I was sort of feeling kind of crappy today for missing class.  And then I was thinking how the pizza + wine might not taste so good or be so rewarding since I didn’t hit class this evening.  But then I read Lindsay’s post and immediately felt better.  It reminded me of the balance lesson I learned when I started this whole eating/running journey.  And how just because I miss class today doesn’t mean I’m not a healthy person or being all I can be.  It’s JUST ONE DAY.  Besides I did run and do yoga today.  AND the pizza wasn’t so bad.  A WW crust with flax seeds, homemade sauce, and veggies is a good for you pizza.  Sometimes you just have to be reminded of the small things.

I’m feeling much better!  And ready for another glass of wine. :p  See you guys tomorrow!

P.S. Scott would like me to tell you that it’s actually 2 gig that I have on the laptop. However, that still apparently isn’t enough since it tells me there is no space.  Some was free today which is how I got the dinner pics up! :D

6 thoughts on “January 8th, 2009: Dinner

  1. awwwwww im so glad that the article hit home today! yay! i need to keep that in perspective in the future too!

    by the way it’s not a completely NEW job, still within the same company just at another site (which has a longer commute) and it’s only temporary until the summer :) but even so im semi-dreading the drive/schedule haha

  2. Lindsay has perfect timing!!
    Now we know what PUFFins really means – sorry about the bloat! I totally understand that actually! I am really grosly bloated most days of the week.
    Your pizza looks beautiful.

  3. Hey, its better to stay home then go to class and have your finger bother you the whole time and then wish you had just stayed home. That whose is who’s thing is driving me crazy now. I have no idea?!

    I love the pizza. I might just try to make it sometime once you post your recipe :)

  4. I JUST left Lindsay a comment thanking her for the reminder that NOT exercising is ok :D And good for my body! It’s so hard when that sweaty cardio is so addictive! Your pizza sounds delish…and I am not a fan at all of the cinnamon puffins! They are too hard and dense in comparison to their PB counterparts :D

  5. Your side of the pizza rocks! I love those letters if I had that on my fridge Hubby would write pizza monday,tuesday,wednesday…lol…cant wait for the recipe!

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