January 8th, 2009: Breakfast and Lunch

Okay guys, here’s the skinny.  My widdle laptop that I <3 does not have a great amount of memory.  He’s only got 1G and well that used to be a lot but it’s not so much anymore.  And he is having the darnedest time trying to handle and keep up with OHC blogging.  As I was importing pics today, he ran out of space and I could not import them all. :(  So only half this post has pics!  Boo!  Sorry about that!  And that’s why this post is late, I was hoping to fiddle with the situation. But still read so you can see my day! :D


Hi guys!  Last night was full of new things!  There was this:

cinnamon Puffins!

cinnamon Puffins!

And this:



First we need to discuss the cinnamon Puffins.  Oh my gracious!  WF had plenty of variety of Puffins and I was impressed because I’ve only seen the PB ones.  We decided on the cinnamon ones to try (and I also picked up another box of PB Puffins because I am so not passing that up.)

cinnamon goodness

cinnamon goodness

The cinnamon Puffins are drastically different than the PB flavor.  First they are smaller and more dense.  They are a very compact little nugget of Puffin!  I liked them but the PB ones are much better as a straight up snack.  I will try the cinnamon ones in yogurt to see how that goes.

The agave nectar I used in tea last night.  I tried it straight to see what I was getting into and it is very sweet.  Like really sweet.  Sweeter than honey.  I added small amounts to my peppermint tea and it did the job of sweetening it just a bit.  It isn’t going to replace my beloved honey but I might try and use it in baking.



Snack all together is tea with Puffin mess.  I drank all of my tea and actually only had a small handful of the PB Puffins.  I thought I wanted a snack but realized my body didn’t and I wasn’t going to mindlessly pick at them so I pushed them away.  We watched two Pens games last night, oh lord what is their problem?  They are stinking worse than a hay field full of cows.  Dang!

At 10pm I headed up to bed to read and read until 11pm. :O  Oops!  Then I crashed hard and went to sleepy.  My hunnies made it to bed by 1:45am.  YaY hunnies!!  He’s my lil trooper.

I got up before my alarm at 6:55 and shut the alarm off.  Then I fell back to sleep like a dinkus and woke up 15 minutes later.  Jeesh!  I crawled out of bed still tired but got moving.  My knee that was killing me yesterday is so much better today.  Thank goodness because last night it hurt so much.  Well I shouldn’t say hurt, ached a lot.

I got Rocky taken care of and since I was starving, I decided it was oats time.  My bananas were still a little green, but that’s okay I used them anyway.

love you

love you

I have decided that the key to me being hungry in the morning is not to eat late or snack late.  Some days I can’t help but eat dinner late because of training in the evenings.  But on days I do have more control, I’m going to try and keep eating to an earlier schedule.

Simple oats today!  Basic mix:

  • 3/4 C vanilla soymilk
  • 1/2 C quick oats
  • 1 mashed banana
  • Pinch salt and cinnamon

Mix-ins were cranberries, walnuts and a spoon of dark chocolate PB.



Along with coffee + creamer which wasn’t so good this morning.  I didn’t drink too much of it.  I read some blogs and checked mail as I ate breakfast.  Then it was time for me to get out and run my lil heart out.

Well as much as I could anyway since we had a little bit of snow and precipitation yesterday some areas were slick.  I alternated between running on the road and running on the sidewalk. I did a 3ish miler.  My goal for this week is too look for new routes to run which means I may need to venture into another neighborhood.  Adventure time!  I’ll have to make a cheat sheet of directions and tape it to my glove. :p



(That’s the last picture!) I had a small bit of CS and decided to wait on Rocky’s walk when I got home.  Then I grabbed the laptop and took it upstairs with me as I went to change out of my running clothes.  I decided to do the yoga stretching upstairs in the bedroom.  Yesterday there were too many distractions and my clothes were bulky and kept getting in the way.  I would go in my skivvies downstairs because I don’t think anyone would see me.  However, I run the risk of the meter guy walking by and peeking in and I don’t really want to deal with that kind of situation. ;)

I went in and woke Scott up.  He asked me what I was doing as I laid down on the bed and I told him that I was going to do yoga after he got up.


“Yes. What do I need clothes for? Or are you asking to stay?”

Ha!  He did leave which was fine because honestly there are only certain times I want him to see me doing the dead bug pose and when I’m stretching after a run is not one of those times.  ;)  I stretched and it was soooo nice.  I do have to refer to my little pose printout occasionally but that is no biggie.

I showered and then came downstairs to do some worky stuff and sent out emails.  I was doing okay but seeing food on blogs started making me a wee bit hungry so I got up and made a small plate of 1 clem and 5 apricots.

I haven’t been happy with this batch of clems from WF.  The clems are a bit bigger in size and I figured that would mean more amazing flavor and sweetness.  Wrong.  They are dry and tasteless.  Ew.  The one I had for a snack was the worst one yet, so yuck.  But I ate it anway so I could get more fruit in.  I supposed the lesson here is that bigger is not always better.  Boo

I did more worky stuff and started my blog entry when it was finally time for lunch!

Leftovers!  I had the wee piece of salmon I didn’t finish last night and all those glorious roasted veggies.  In the middle is one orange and some Kettle Chips baked chips in aged cheddar.  My first time having these and they are really good!  Not knock-your socks off but enough I would get them again.  I ate all of my salmon, 2 bites of the orange, and most of the veggies.  And too many chips.  Not really but I had 5 before sitting down and probably 5 more. :blush:

Now I’m off to walk Rocky in the snow!  And then:

  • Make dough
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Dust and swiffer floors

See you guys later!


And just to time reference how long I’ve had this post done, I already did everything on my to-do list!  :lol:

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