January 19th, 2009: Breakfast and Lunch

Hi guys!  Umph what a rough night of sleep I had thanks to over indulging in wine.  I didn’t have a ton but enough that it affected my sleep.  I finished my first glass on the couch with my book while Scott wrapped up some work.  Then I had another wee glass which was plenty.  But it went to my head and I thought, “Oh just another small glass.”  And then cue crappy sleep.  I get hot, my heart races, my mind races, and I just have trouble staying asleep.  Early bedtime for me tonight!

I got up at 7ish this morning because Monday’s are my day “off” so I can sleep in a little bit.  I got Rocky taken care of and then I made some breakfast.  I almost made oats but changed my mind at the last minute and had yogurt and granola instead.

still wanting more...

still wanting more...

With morning coffee.  2% Fage, bare naked chocolate granola (trying to use it up!), and some cranberries.  So good, I love it!  And I could go for more right now. :p  Coffee was just okay.  It was a little potent but that’s just because I’m coming off a night of horrible sleep.

I know this will sound odd but I’m starting to love Mondays.  Since it’s my day off (and by day off I mean I don’t run on Monday mornings) I can take my time puttering around in the mornings.  It is when I get caught up on everyone’s blogs.  I have moved laundry day to Mondays, so I get started on that.  And I spend the day doing work and doing bloggy type things.  It’s a very relaxing day for me. :D

Weather wise today is really nice!  It’s still cold, in the 20s, but the sky is clear and the sun is shining so bright.  I bundled up Rocky and we were out the door for a walk.   I think both of us appreciated being outside for our walk.  Once we got back home I made us some lunch.



I loved this lunch!  I liked being able to pick and nibble here and there with different things.  I heated up a can of Amy’s Southwestern veggie soup and immediately saw that it needed some serious doctoring up.  I added a small can of V8 (the 5oz can), three huge scoops of salsa, and some chili powder and pepper.  The soup alone was a little bland for my liking. Once I added stuff to it though it was really good!  I also had two clems and in the middle is some carrots, green pepper, and cucumber to dip in the remaining ranch dressing.  I also was pleased with my little mug.  I bought those specifically for soup.  They are the perfect portion for me. I don’t need a ton of soup or chili or whatever, I just need a small bit.  Especially if it’s lunch time.  These little mugs worked so well!

Now I’m off to finish laundry and get some more blog stuff done.  One thing I need to do for this blog is create a logo.  I have a few ideas but have no idea how to go about creating them.  I have a Mac so I would need some sort of graphics program or something that I could run from my machine.  I would like to create my own business cards but can’t do that till I have a logo.  Catch 22 anyone?  *sigh*

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