January 19th, 2009: Dinner

Well I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked but I did get stuff done, which is the point right?  I did some more bloggy stuffs and got emails sent out.  Trying to come up with some fun stuff for the blog! ;)  After all that, it was time for me to get started on making dinner.  I haven’t gone to meal planning fully yet but have come to the conclusion that I should start having a basic plan.  Just something to go off of and refer to during the week.  My normal way of making meals was whatever I felt like at the time or if Scott had a request.  Now I would like a little more structure especially because I’m looking to have alternate days of things.  Meaning one day is meat or seafood, then the next day is a veggie day.  Or close to being a full veggie day.

Since we had fish yesterday, today was a veggie day.  Now this naturally isn’t set in stone but it’s something for me to work with for now.



For some reason Mexican-ish type food sounded yummy and one thing I often go to on veggie days is some sort of taco.  The ingredients are easy to adjust and both of us really enjoy it.  Today I used lentils and made the best veggie taco filling!

dinner time

dinner time

Best to me because it was pretty perfect in terms of taste and texture.  In the filling there were:

  • Lentils
  • Red onion
  • Green pepper
  • Jalapeno
  • Carrot
  • Corn

And a sauce made with tomato products and everything was seasoned with different spices.  Alongside the tacos were some sweet and spicy coleslaw that I made and also some beans and rice (jasmine rice and black beans).  I had one taco with lettuce and some cheddar, a little bit of rice, and coleslaw.  I ate everything!  I loved my taco so much I almost went back in for a second one but decided against it.  I didn’t really need it and we are having this as leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner so I’ll get some then! :D

Plus I would like to have some tea and possibly a snack later so I saved some room.  Scott had three tacos!  At first he was a wee bit disappointed when he realized we were having veggie tacos and not beef.  However, he loved the mixture since he had three helpings. :p  I guess it all worked out!

I’ve got a little bit more stuff that needs to get done then I’m relaxing.  Either on the couch or in bed but I’m definitely getting to bed early today to make up for yesterday’s horrible sleep!

7 thoughts on “January 19th, 2009: Dinner

    • Fit Mommy, I cooked my lentils first. :) I used lentils I bought from Whole Foods that are 365 brand and pretty decently priced! Since lentils cook so quickly it’s easier and cheaper just to cook them myself.

  1. Getting anything done is productive, in my opinion! I would love to get into meal planning too, I just have a hard time thinking creatively that far ahead of time. But I know it would make things much easier.

  2. I am so much a meal planner, not that we stick to it always but it’s nice to have it written down. Love the tacos, were having something simular tomorrow!

  3. I’m sunk without a meal plan. If I don’t plan it I don’t cook (when I do cook that is ;) ) Also because I’m not a type of grocery shopper that buys stuff and then makes meals -if you know what I mean? I have to have a meal idea and then buy the food.

    Hrrrmmm maybe this can be an area of your blog??? ;)

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