January 15th, 2009: Dinner

Quickie post because this office is freezing cold!  :o

I munched on some spicy cheeze-its, probably 7.  I know it wasn’t a ton.  But forgot to take a pic!  Sorry!  I was on the couch watching, “My House Is Worth What?!”.  Love that show but the host can be a little annoying sometimes.

For dinner, I was craving two things, breakfast foods and seafood.  How to work that into a meal?  Then I remembered Kath did a sort of cajun fritatta thingie and did my take on that!  While I prepped dinner, I had a wee glass of red.

mmm wine

mmm wine

spicy fritatta

spicy fritatta

Fritatta with 5 eggs because I need to use them up.  There’s also:

  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Jalapeno chicken sausage

That got sautteed with some olive oil.  Then I added chopped tomato and some wee pre-cooked shrimp (always have that in the freezer to toss in soups and pastas and now fritattas!).  Poured the egg mixture on top and then added buffalo sauce.  Let it cook in the oven till set.  Scott’s half has pepperjack cheese on it.  I passed since I knew I was going to be digging into a bagel!

yummy dinner

yummy dinner

Dinner was awesome and perfect portion!  I had a small slice of fritatta and half a bagel.  I kept my portion light because I just had lunch not so long ago and I was wiggle room for a possible snack later.

Okay guys, I’m out!  The room is too cold!

4 thoughts on “January 15th, 2009: Dinner

  1. I need to start drinking wine when I cook. I think it would make it so much more fun :)

    I love fritatta! I’ve never made it myself, but it certainly would be better than some of the disasters I’ve had trying to flip my omelettes!

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