December 9th, 2008: Morning

Hi guys!! I have no problems telling you I was in bed by 8pm last night. Scott had to dig out our VCR because our MT instructor gave us a tape to watch. It’s called Shadow Boxer, and it’s a documentary about female boxers. It’s really good and I think someone should do another one since there are now more women boxers, MT fighters, kickboxers, and even MMA players. Watched that in bed and when it was over I read until about 10:30 and I was out. I’m still reading Twilight and I must admit that right now I’m finding Bella and Edward to be two of the most annoying people ever. Holy crap I hope the story changes around soon or else I won’t be able to keep reading the series because it will make me too cranky.

My alarm went off at 7am and I shut it off and went back to sleep. :p I was so tired! Seriously tonight, I’m going to have to hit the hay by 10pm because tomorrow will automatically be a late night because of SF. I got an extra hour in and was up by 8am. It was a rare morning that both Scott and I got up at the same time. We have a guy coming to look at our roof this morning to replace some shingles that blew off. It seemed weird for both of us to be moving around the house. :lol:

YaY! Oats!

YaY! Oats!

I made oats! I was hungry and looking for some fuel. Regular oats with some cranberry sauce, coconut, and dark chocolate PB mixed in. YUM! Along with morning coffee + creamer which wasn’t as hot as I would have liked. No biggie though.

Big plans for today including figuring out what to do about my run. I believe it is raining outside now or it was. If not then I’m out the door for a run, hooray!

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