December 24th, 2008: Morning

Good morning guys!  Happy Christmas Eve!  I am very excited for the holidays.  And Scott is making me more excited.  He’s excited and bouncing around which is too adorable for words.  If you knew him, you would know that Scott is very mellow.  I know how he’s feeling just because I know him and can pick up on the small things.  So seeing him outwardly showing excitement for the holidays is really fun and contagious! :swingdance:

The weather we are having is cra-zy.  Okay so it was super bitter cold with temps in single digits and “realfeel” in the negatives.  With freezing rain and wind and not fun stuff.  Yesterday it was cold with freezing rain.  And then the temperature rose at night.  That’s right, rose, not fell.  So the freezing rain became just plain old rain melting all the ice that covered everything.  And now our temps for today, tomorrow, and Friday are supposed to be in the 50s.




My day so far hasn’t been terribly thrilling yet.  I got up this morning and took care of the Rocks who was very happy to not have to wear his big boy jacket outside for potty.  And then came in to some coffee that wasn’t very hot. :(  I would nuke it but then the coffee takes on a different flavor which is not appealing.  So I just drank the lukewarm coffee.  I probably should have waited to have it.  I think it was chocolate peppermint too which makes it doubly woe-is-me since it wasn’t hot.

But it’s Christmas so who cares! :D  Tomorrow’s coffee will be perfect I’m sure.

Then I finally had breakfast.  There was leftover oats from yesterday but they were looking 10 kinds of grey, YUCK, so I passed.



I had some 2% Fage with some blueberry bear naked granola.  It was good and did the job.  Now I’m waiting to see if it’s going to stop raining so I can get a quick run in.  Or this may turn into a free day.  And I only say that because both of our martial arts schools are closed over the holiday.  So no MT class on Saturday which means I could run that day if I have to take today off.  We’ll see how everything goes!

3 thoughts on “December 24th, 2008: Morning

  1. CJ says:

    Sounds like you are more than ready for that jolly old guy to visit you tonight. *wink* Hope he brings you all the goodies you wished for and then some.

    BTW, we (Gary & yours truly) were in your neck of the woods (in/through Columbus) on Sunday & Monday, with all that crap wind and temps that were falling into single digits and below. Try driving a big semi down the freeway with all the idiots out doing Christmas shopping and they just will NOT give you an inch, but they EXPECT a mile. *rolls eyes*

    Anyway, stay warm, enjoy your hot beverages and by all means… have a very Merry Christmas! xoxoxox

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