December 23rd, 2008: Dinner

Sorry guys! I was in full, we-are-on-vacation mode last night so all I wanted to do was chill.  Plus I was frozen to the bone and was trying to get warm.

Quick recap!

I got to take some time to lay in bed and read yesterday afternoon.  Rocks and I got all snug while it was freezing rain outside and it was very relaxing.  Eventually though it was time for me to get ready for MT class.  I wasn’t feeling so hot and honestly had I not already told my instructor I would be there, I wouldn’t have gone.  I needed something small to eat so I had:



A little bit of 2% fage, cranberry sauce, and some chocolate granola.  Just a little and it was so yummy!  I got ready, packed my gym bag, and we were out the door to class.  It ended up only being three of us in class last night but we had a good time.  We worked on a tricky combo which was giving all of us trouble. :p  I’ll get it someday!

After class I felt so much better!  It’s like everything I was feeling before vanished.  So weird!  I was starving as well and glad for leftovers.



I had a small amount of pasta only because I didn’t want to risk a whole ton of heavy stuff on my stomach in case I wasn’t as better as I thought.  Plus loads of cut up veggies with some ranch dressing for dipping.  And celebratory beers!  Because we are on holiday and that was our last night of having to be anywhere or having any obligations until after the new year.  :woohoo:



I wasn’t satisfied after dinner and needed something a little snacky.  I pulled out the almond squares and Scott opened another beer.  When I poured out the squares, a whole bunch of pieces came out and that’s what I ate.  I had one whole square and bunches of pieces which may have equaled two squares.  And only a few sips of the beer because 1 beer was plenty for me.

A little after 10pm I called it a night and headed to bed to read for a bit.  Then it was lights out!  Yesterday was a great Christmas Eve Eve!

Booty Buster Total:

3.5 mile run = 3.5 pts

1 mile walk = 1 pt

1 hr. MT class = 4 pts

Total= 8.5 pts

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