December 21st, 2008: Morning

Good morning!  Happy 21st of December!  We are in the final stretches now, hooray! :woohoo:



I was freezing cold last night as we watched TV.  Our family room sort of sits off by itself and it only has three walls.  Two of them face outside and the third one backs the garage, so it’s basically is an icebox.  We turned on the gas fireplace last night for a bit.  The first time this winter!  I love my little gas fireplace.  I know that it isn’t the same as a real wood burning one, but I will take gas over that every time.  Why?  Because Scott and I used to live in Raleigh, NC and the first winter in our new house, NC got hit with a severe ice storm.  The whole state was covered in ice and we didn’t have power.  Since our water was well water, no power meant no running water either.  Everything in the house was electric.  And we had a wood-burning fireplace.  We couldn’t find any wood except for those Duralog things, that you light and they stay lit for however many hours.  Yeah those don’t give off a lot of heat but that’s all we had.  So us, Rocks, and our kitty all bundled up and stayed around the fireplace.  For five days.  It was cold and it sucked like you couldn’t believe.  The upside to it being winter is we didn’t have to worry about losing any food.  But I’ll never be without gas again.  Gas fireplace and gas stove always and forever. Amen.

Along with the fireplace on last night I also made some tea.  Peppermint tea to help me warm up!  It worked. :D  We watched the Pens for a bit and then at 10pm I headed up to bed to read.  I read for about an hour and then it was lights out.

Blueberry X2

Blueberry X3

I got up this morning and it was windy outside.  I was also starving!  I welcomed that feeling, it’s been awhile since I’ve woken up hungry.  I took Rocky out for his potty run and oooo it was cold. :o  I decided to eat and wait a bit to see if the wind died down any.  I had some coffee + creamer in my blueberry mug with blueberry oikos topped with some blueberry bear naked.  It was a blues kind of day!

I ate that and did some stuff on the computer.  After a while I couldn’t take it anymore and got dressed to run.  I decided to brave the elements!

missed you!

missed you!

I bundled up and wore gloves for the first time on a run.  As gross as it sounds the gloves come in handy when you have to wipe your nose!  Hey the cold and wind make my nose run.  It wasn’t so bad outside.  The wind did suck but it wasn’t constant so my run was actually pleasant.  Plus I was just happy to be outside!  I ran on the road since the sidewalks were covered in a small dusting of snow and ice.  I passed some people who I’m sure thought I was crazy.  But whatevs, it felt awesome to be outside running!  I did feel a little more “hardcore” today since this was my running weather:



That was a first for me, I believe that’s the coldest weather I’ve run in.  About 1/4 of the way from home the wind picked up tremendously.  Thankfully I was close to home!  If it had been like this earlier I wouldn’t have been able to run.  It’s stronger and much colder.  It is too cold and windy for Rocky to be out, even with his big boy jacket.  Wind like this means something is blowing in, so I’m waiting to see what happens.  Then hopefully I’ll be able to take him later.  Glad I didn’t wait any longer before going out to run!

I slammed my CS and realized how much I missed it!  Then I changed and am writing my post.  Now I’m going to go and get breakfast made which I’ll just keep warm till Scott gets up.  I want to get the kitchen cleaned up so I don’t have to do that later.  Then it will be a nice hot shower and comfy jammies for the day!

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