November 29th, 2008: Morning

After posting last night, I offered to fix Scott a drink. I figured he could use something since he had to handle the dyer vent stuff all day long and I’m sure he was pooped. He didn’t want a beer or wine because I wasn’t having any. *sigh* He’s cute sometimes. I made him a fizzie with cider and cranberry juice instead. I thought about having one but the cider was too sweet (have we talked about how I’m not a sweets person? I can dig on chocolate but always pass on pies and cakes. Cookies okay, depending on the cookie. Bars no way. Brownies okay, blondies evil.) so I just stuck with water for the night.

We watched Heroes where I probably rolled my eyes every five minutes and if I wasn’t rolling my eyes I was checking the clock praying it would be over soon. When it was finally done, it was around 10:30 and I headed up to bed to read for a bit. I probably read for 45 minutes and decided it was time for lights out.

I didn’t sleep all that well. I got hot, which is a symptom I either drank too much or ate too much. Since I didn’t drink anything other than water yesterday, it was eating too much. Yuck. I tossed and turned a lot and woke up a lot. I hate that. I finally decided to just get up at 7:30 and get the day started.

needs more hot!

needs more hot!

I let Rocky out for his potty run and it smelled like snow outside. No snow is in the forecast for today though. I came back in and poured myself some coffee. It was okay but not quite hot enough. I love things super hot, almost burn my mouth hot. That’s when stuff is good! When you can take your time enjoying it because it’s all steamy hot. You can’t force down huge bites or sips because you will burn your mouth. That’s how I like my stuff. I would love it if coffee pots came with a temperature you could set yourself and it would always be perfect when you poured your cup.



I wasn’t hungry so I sipped my coffee and read some blogs. Another sign I ate too much, I wasn’t hungry when I got up. It took a long time for me to actually get hungry and even then I was only eating because I had to. I can’t not eat before MT class, I wouldn’t have enough energy to make it through the class. Finally I decided on some 2% fage with some bear naked banana nut mixed in.

I hated not running yesterday and totally regret it. I should have done something small, something is better than nothing. It would be nice if I could run before MT class but I can’t. I get all sweaty and my hat makes my hair all gross. It seems silly to shower before class and then shower again after class. Today and tomorrow are the last two days for POM, so maybe I could run after class? I’ll have to think on things.

Plans for the day include going to class, possibly running when I get home, cleaning the house, and getting out xmas decorations. It’s time to put out all the stuff and light up all the lights! Wheee! My fav thing to do is have xmas music playing, sipping a glass of wine, and decorating the tree. I’m ready for that tonight.

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