November 25th, 2008: Lunch and Dinner

Yum yum!

Yum yum!

Hi guys! It wasn’t long after posting the morning entry that I headed out into the cold. I was talking to Scott about my run and where I should go to add the distance. He mentioned backtracking a little which would take me past the house. I kiboshed that idea right away. I don’t want to run past the house, that would make it too easy to stop if I wanted to. I’m not giving myself that kind of opportunity. I finally figured out where I could make the extra loop, I just had to do one segment twice.

I did that today on my run. And man was I wishing I had an iPod or something to listen to, I was in a music kind of mood. The run started off typical, rough for the first 20 minutes then I found my pace and got in a groove. I had on my standard winter outfit and even had to put the hood up. The wind was a little chilly on my neck. I was running and came upon some guy walking a dog and whistling. I ran past him and then cut in front of him at which point he decided to whistle louder. Wha? I don’t know if he was whistling for me or what but it was a little creepy so I boogied on quickly.

I almost didn’t make the second loop but decided to push myself and just go for it! I could always take a walk break or not do it again if it was too much. I busted that run out! I was gone for 45 minutes and that’s the longest time of running (no breaks!) I have ever done. Go me!!

As I was running, I started to wonder how long it would take Scott to realize that I had been gone too long and start to look for me. My guess is a while. And I don’t mean that as a slam against my husband, please do not think that. My husband tends to live in his own little universe where there is no time. :p He has zero time management skills and has no concept of time really. Five minutes, an hour, all the same to him. I know, it’s weird! I knew that it would be Rocky who would realize I was gone too, long before hubs did. Rocky constantly checks in with me throughout the day. And I check in with him if we’re not in the same room. He loves his dad but he is a mama’s boy through and through. To sort of prove my point, when I got back home from my run, Scott said, “Rocky was looking for you wondering where you were.” :D Why? Because when mom goes out to run she’s usually only gone for 1/2 an hour, today she was gone for 45 minutes and that is different. We must investigate to see what is going on and switch to high alert! I love my mush face.

all snug

all snug

Here’s a pic of him all snug in bed with flying ears (which are normally floppy). :cheerful:

After the run and Rocky’s walk, I showered and then made us some lunch. No Wii yoga again because I ran out of time. Since my run took long that ate into my afternoon lineup of stuffs.



This is one of the rare times I ate more than Scott! My run left me starving! I burned 476 cals plus 159 on Rocky’s walk. :O I had a grilled cheese with muenster, tomatoes, and 2 slices of turkey bacon. On the side was some leftover soup from yesterday, not even a cup’s worth. In the middle are two clementines, a carrot, and some deli chicken. I wasn’t going to put the chicken on but I was craving protein like crazy for some reason so I added it. I ate all of my sandwich, all of my soup, most of the carrot, 1/2 a clementine (Scott inhaled those), and some of the chicken. Ahhhh it was so yummy.

I was going to do laundry but there is an odd odor coming from my dryer which is freaking me out. I opted for no laundry till we can figure out what is going on with that. I hope we get it fixed soon!

Mid-afternoonish we headed out to pick up the turkey! But first we drove the new running route to check the distance, 3.4 miles. Oh yeah! :woohoo: That is so awesome! I don’t know if I can do back to back runs of that yet but it shouldn’t be too long before I can. Whee!

Picked up the turkey and on the way home I was getting hungry. It was 4pm when we got back and I quickly changed into my jammies. We bailed on MT tonight because I had some stuff to do for prep work and I’m soooo tired. Not enough sleep from last night, plus no more stress of an impending test, plus a kick-ass run had left me dragging.

I couldn’t take it anymore and had some raisins and 1/2 a PB Z bar. No pic because my computer was processing pictures too slow and I decided those would get sacrificed since we all know what they look like.

We eventually decided on Chinese food for dinner. Normally Scott will pick something up to eat the day before Thanksgiving because I had been cooking all day and prepping so I’m really tired. But this week we decided to do it today and have leftovers tomorrow.



On my plate is a spicy chicken and veggie dish, sesame noodles, and a shrimp and scallop from Scott’s dish. I also had another piece of chicken from another dish he got. My spicy chicken is sitting atop spinach and romaine (from home) instead of rice. I had all of that and the shrimp and scallop. I had one bite of the noodles and decided I did not like them. Ew. I had half a bite of that other chicken thingie and it was only okay.

That’s three times we have eaten out this month and that is too much. Unless we go out with friends next month, I’m putting down we can’t eat out again until after the new year. Then we can go back to a monthly date night. Otherwise we have to eat in unless there is some super good reason why we can’t.

I was really stuffed after dinner but that has subsided and now I’m just full. Whew! Plans for the rest of the night include watching some TV, reading in bed, and then hitting the hay early early. See you guys tomorrow!!

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