November 23rd, 2008: Morning



Hi guys!! Scott and I sat on the couch and watched a bit of TV and the start of the Pens game. Which, can I tell you, was crazy! Not even a minute into the game there was a huge fight, each team had three players sent to the box AND each team had a player thrown out of the game. Then about five minutes into the game, the goalie (and captain) did something and got injured and had to leave. :o Holy drama! I only watched the first period then I went up to bed to read for a bit. I read for about an hour and was in bed seepin’ by 11pm.

I woke up at 7am and decided to get up and get moving. I ran first thing and it was cold! But there was no wind so it was awesome running this morning. I believe it was about 15/16 degrees. Chilly! I found out my new route is only 2.5/2.6 miles. :grumpy: Damnit I will figure out a three mile route soon! I’m a little crabby because my addition is not a short one so I thought it would bump up the mileage more. Don’t you hate that?

I came back and had my CS and then had to go looking for Rocky. Normally he greets me at the door and then follows me around as I’m drinking my CS because he knows his walk is next. Well he was all snug on the couch and wasn’t moving. I fiddled around with the closet door to see if that would get him up. Nope, nothing. Ooookay, guess no walk. :p I changed into my recovery clothes and did some prep for breakfast later. No Wii Yoga. I know, I’m getting so bad about that.

Mini breakfast

Mini breakfast

Once the prep work was done, I could sit down and eat a first breakfast. I had morning coffee + creamer and a 2% peach Fage. I apparently wasn’t thinking clearly because I filled up Scott’s mug instead of my own. :lol:

I’m hoping to make today a work day. I have some work things to get done, I would like to organize the house a little bit (because it’s driving me crazy), and I have to finalize Thanksgiving week plans. Oh and laundry in there too. And I have to practice SF. *sigh* Is it sad I’m already looking forward to next weekend when I will have nothing to do? I guess I better get moving!

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