November 18th, 2008: Dinner

Hi guys!  This is going to be super quick because it’s cold in the office and I want to get back to snuggles on the couch!



Before MT, I had some 2% Fage with Bare Naked banana nut granola.  I was starving and totally ready for my afternoon snack!

There were only four of us at MT today! :O  That’s the smallest class I’ve ever been to I think.  Since we missed most of last week, it was nice to smack the bags around a bit.

By the time we got home, I was starving again!  I didn’t feel like just straight up leftovers, I was really craving some cheese.

Too spicy

Too spicy

So I made us some pita pizzas using leftover pizza sauce from the weekend and WW pitas.  Unfortunately, I made mine a little too spicy (too much red pepper flakes and chili powder) so it wasn’t as enjoyable as I would have liked.  I only ate three pieces and the other piece went to Scott. I did eat all my pasta portion though.  And I decided on a beer!  I was craving one sooo badly and I sort of feel like I’m getting the sniffles.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have any drinks later this week so I’m getting them in now.  Is that sad?  I dunno, I’m just being straight with you all!

I will probably have 1/2 another beer and some sort of snack while we watch the Pens game.  Dinner didn’t fill me up and I could use another fruit.  Maybe some frozen grapes!  See you all tomorrow!

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