November 18th, 2008: Lunch



Hi guys! It is a crazy cold day here today and the wind is making it killer. Even though I went out at 9:30am for my run, it was still easily the coldest weather I’ve run in. I think it was in the 20s with a wind chill in the teens. :o I doubled up my pants today and my junk trunk and thighs still were a bit cold. My jacket was amazing though! I didn’t even feel the wind. Awesome! Usually at this time, not many people are out because everyone is already in school or at work. Today though I saw two other runners out! *hifivesisters*

I added a little bit of distance to my run because I very much want to be at three miles. :blush: I will have to quick drive it today before heading to MT to see what that will bump up my distance too. It took me 30 minutes to run it and I burned the most calories, 356! :woohoo:

I slammed my CS and had another small sip before heading back out with Rocks. I changed my jacket and even though I had a toboggan on, I still had to put up my hood on the jacket to help battle the wind. I’m telling you that wind was so fierce!

And I’m officially declaring my reuse of the word toboggan! I grew up in SW PA and that’s what we call winter type hats, toboggans. When I moved away to college, I discovered I was the only one who used that term, everyone else just said hats. I got made fun of a lot. And it didn’t stop with college, people always make fun of me for saying toboggan. So I stopped using it because I never knew anyone else who said it and I was tired of getting picked on (how middle school does that sound?!). Anyways, long story short, I saw that Kath says toboggan too! And she pointed to the wikipedia page where it states that it’s also a term used for winter hats. Wheeee!! So I’m not alone in this and everyone who made fun of me can suck it. Take that naysayers!

Moving along…..

After Rocky and I got back, I headed upstairs to take a loverly hot shower. Then I did some Wii Yoga. Perhaps I should have done it right after running but all I could think about was jumping in the shower and getting clean. I did about 18 minutes of stretching and then I headed into the kitchen to make lunch. I was really hungry by this point!



I made a veggie wrap which doesn’t look pretty at all. The wraps were new ones that I am trying out and they aren’t quite as large as what I’m used to. The are the largest of the WW wraps I have seen but still a bit on the small side. Inside my wrap is:

  • Spinach
  • Romaine
  • Tomato
  • Green pepper
  • Red onion
  • Banana peppers
  • A bit of olive oil mayo (1 tsp-ish)

In the middle is a carrot, celery, cucumber with some hummus. I ended up not eating any hummus because it went bad! How’d that happen, it just got opened a couple of days ago! I was a little grumpy about that. I had a few carrots, cucumbers, and celery plain.

Crisp deliciousness

Crisp deliciousness

Then I sliced up a huge ambrosia apple for my fruit serving. This apple was awesome! Very sweet and crisp. Scott said it tasted the most appley of all the apples. :p

Now I need to do a little organizing and a bit more work before heading out to MT. Catch you later!

2 thoughts on “November 18th, 2008: Lunch

  1. Heather says:

    LOL I have to say I’ve never heard the term toboggan used for a hat until I met you. We call sleds toboggans. But then again in Canada we call hats toques so there you go (and yes we really do call them that) ;)

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