September 22nd, 2008: Dinner

Hey guys! All laundry is done for another week, hooray! My legs so far seem to be doing alright until I hit the stairs. Going up stairs takes me a little bit longer. :p

I worked on some site maintenance things and before I knew it, it was 4:30pm. Yikes! I needed to get started on supper. Normally I start cooking at 4pm. Thankfully most of what we had were leftovers so I didn’t have to make too much. As I was pulling everything out, Scott came in the kitchen and started nibbling. I understood how he felt, I was hungry too. :D

My plate

My plate

Yummy dinner! On my plate is some of the turkey from last night with a bit of gravy. A small dollop of mashed potatoes also with gravy. Some carrots and some zucchini and summer squash that I sauteed up in some olive oil and seasoned with S&P, garlic powder, and some Mrs. Dash Italian blend. I love summer squash and zucchini so much. I’ll take it anyway you serve it, but sauteed is my favorite.



This is what a perfect piece of sauteed zucchini looks like to me. Crispy caramelized outside with a smooth silky texture inside. I saved this piece for last. After I was done Scott gave me some from his plate and I ate it all! I left a few carrots but everything else got eaten.

Now it’s time to fold laundry and head over to stickfighting class. Hopefully Scott will remember to take it easy on his wrist. See you guys tomorrow!

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