Whole30 Day 3: Cravings

Hi all!  Today is Day 3 of the January Whole 30 challenge and I’m still kicking butt!  It hasn’t been a struggle but I definitely miss bourbon.  We are in a really bad cold snap right now (think single digits and negative temps) and man some bourbon or even some red wine would be perfect right now.

But instead I’m having herbal tea and getting in bed by 8:30pm like a proper fucking old lady.

Frittata and Coffee

The roads were pretty clear this morning so I was able to kick it at the gym.  Once home I heated up a slice of veggie frittata and some leftover roasted potatoes.  Frothy coffee on the side (coconut oil + ghee + collagen).

Because it’s my lady cycle time (TMI? Sorry not sorry), I’m craving beef like crazy which is pretty normal for me. But I’ve specifically been craving sautéed peppers and onions + beef + mayo.  Today I rolled with it!  I sautéed up some peppers and onions and had that with a burger and homemade mayo and a little Cholula on top!

Burger and side salad

Plus a salad on the side.

Yaaasssss! This hit the spot so very much.  The salad was dressed with Tessamae’s Creamy Ranch Dressing which is just OK.  I like my ranch better and will be sticking with that.  This is fine in a pinch or if you don’t want to make dressing but eh, not worth it to me.

It has been pouring snow all day long.  While I was making supper, Scott was out shoveling the back sidewalks and making some paths for the dogs.  As soon as he was done shoveling the sidewalk it was covered again.  Yikes!

Dinner tonight was repurposed leftovers!

Pork taco bowl

I chopped up the last of the pork country ribs and sautéed that up with some onions (and leftover peppers + onions from lunch) till it got crispy then added in some salsa from TJs and let that simmer for about 15 minutes.  The salsa has no sugar.  Win!

Plated on top of some cauliflower rice for a sort of taco/fajita bowl thingy.  There was also homemade guac on the side with some plantain chips.

Side note: Plantain chips are not a “food with out brakes” for me so I feel comfortable enough having those during the challenge.

You know it, time for the couch and some herbal tea!


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