January Whole30 Day 17

Hey all!  It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve chatted.  Sorry about that! We’ve had some house drama to deal with (UGH) and that’s been eating up a lot of time.  Yesterday was a big shopping day at Costco for me and when I got home it was time to start dinner.  Once that was done I was wiped out and needed to crash on the couch.

We’ve been displaced from our bedroom and are currently sleeping in the guest room.  Which is fine but it’s not my bedroom nor my bed.  So my sleep the past few days hasn’t been the amazing sleep that I was getting and it’s catching up to me.  My gym performance tanked.  Good times, good times.

This morning because of poor sleep, I missed the gym. I would have gone to a later class but I had a hair appointment.  Which sounds really superficial but sometimes sleep (at least for me) needs to be a priority.

Eggs and roasted potatoes

Breakfast before going to get my hair dids was scrambled eggs and some roasted potatoes.

I tried out a new salon and stylist today and derp.  It wasn’t the best of experiences. My hair is fine but I’m not one to stress about haircuts anyway.  Hair grows back, I’m not that girl that cries over a haircut.  However the appointment was weird and so awkward. I’ve never experienced that before!

Anyway, once I got back home I made lunch and prepped stuff for dinner.

Chicken thighs and broccolini

Lunch was baked chicken thighs and some broccolini.  Broccolini is a veggie that I like to make big batches of so that it’s on hand and easy to heat up.  I quickly blanch it and then toss it with some olive oil and seasoning.  Usually Flavor God Lemon Garlic.  Then when I need a quick veggie side, it’s ready to go and only needs a fast reheat.

Dinner today was stuffed peppers!

Stuffed peppers

Chorizo stuffed peppers! With some spinach and a special sauce that I’m testing out. It’s so. freaking. good. And there’s no dairy either! Boom!  The chorizo was from Pederson’s Farms.  So far I have loved all the products that I’ve tried out.

Along with the stuffed peppers was leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, snap peas and parsnip mash plus some crispy plantains for extra starchy goodness.

Still going strong on the Whole30 train and digging the challenge so far.  Yeah, there are some things I miss and am looking forward to reintroducing but so far so good!

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