All The Leftovers

I was up bright and early this morning at 5am to see Scott off to his appointment.  Then I laid back down but couldn’t really sleep.  It was more of that twilight sleep where you’re sort of conscious but also dreaming.  When I got back up I was so terribly groggy.

My coffee may be decaf (I can’t have caffeine) but I was still singing its name.  Then I made myself a big breakfast bowl.

Sausage, egg, potato breakfast bowl

Sausage, egg, and leftover roasted potatoes all topped with some Cholula.

Lunch was super easy, I heated up some leftover green beans along with a chicken and basil sausage.

Chicken basil sausage and green beans

Dinner was also leftovers, cue the obligatory post Thanksgiving turkey soup with carrots and potatoes.

Turkey veggie soup

My goal for today was to claim a couch cushion and stay put and I completely achieved that goal.  Post Thanksgiving, I take the following week off and use it as a time to relax, get centered, and grounded. I decorate the house for the holidays, binge on Netflix (Criminal Minds right now!), and hang.  So there’s going to be a whole lot of nothing going on this week and it’s glorious!

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