Beer, Pizza, and Choices

Avery Barrel Aged Beers

Sunday was a funday for Scott and I, we took a day trip down to Boulder for some beer and food.  Having a dog with severe separation anxiety means that we don’t get to travel or do a whole lot.  Our compromise in this situation is to have someone come and sit with the dogs for the day while we get a blissful few hours to ourselves.

Yes, we have to get a sitter for our dogs.

When we do get to go out, we make the most of it.  One of our favorite breweries was having a bottle release that day so we decided to make a day of it in Boulder.

We arrived at Avery early and I was sipping on some barrel aged Czar before noon.  I have no problem with this situation.

After Avery we visited another brewery and then it was off to find some dinner.

Backcountry Pizza

We aren’t that fond of the pizza options in Fort Collins so we decided to get some good pizza while in Boulder.  Backcountry pizza offers up tasty budget friendly pies along with a pretty great taplist.

I nommed on some supreme pizza and sipped on a Wooky Jack.

And yes this is still a blog all about eating well and living well.

But it’s also a blog about embracing life and not being a afraid to live it.

Do I feel like I (GASP!), indulged?  No.  I’m not a big fan of using words that implies someone should feel guilty or regret their eating choices.  I hate that as a society we have to label food choices as something “clean” or something “indulgent”.

I’m not having any of that nonsense.  Just eat the damn food.

Eating shouldn’t be difficult or a challenge. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think mindfully about what we choose to eat.

My philosophy is eat whatever you want, just make it the best that you can get.  Meaning, if you want a burger spend that money on a nice grassfed burger instead of something that comes out of a drive-thru window.

It’s always all about choices and our goal should be to make the best choice that we can make and not whether we feel like being “good” or “indulging”.

Sunday was like my perfect day, great beer and good cheesy pizza. Amen.

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