What We’ve Been Eating

Cordon Bleu OmeletteI don’t make pretty omelettes.  I don’t even pretend that I can make omlettes well and while they might not look amazing they are tasty!

This was a Chicken Cordon Bleu omelette stuffed with shredded roasted chicken, prosciutto slices, and swiss cheese.  It made for a pretty awesome breakfast.

Beer Glazed BratsPork brats simmered in New Belgium’s 1554 along with red peppers and onions in the slow cooker for about 6 hours.  I then put the brats in a skillet to crisp up the skin.  Drained the juices from the slow cooker and reduced by half making a lovely pan sauce.  Add the brats, peppers, and onions back in and dinner was served!

Buckwheat WafflesI love buckwheat and recently found some during my last trip to Whole Foods.  I made some waffles and topped that with some bourbon cranberry applesauce.  This is the recipe for the sauce, just add in about 1/4C bourbon at the end.

Sloppy Joe BowlSloppy Joes with some extra veggies added.  I nixed the bun and served over rice.  Delicious, filling, and you can expect a recipe for it later this week!


So what kind of good eats have you been enjoying lately?

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