Pancakes, Steaks, and Patriots

PancakesDid you all have a lovely Fourth of July?  Scott and I kept things really low key since I had to work on Wednesday and have to work today as well.

We slept late, some of us later than others.  And we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with flavored coffee (blueberry!) and pancakes.

Sadly my pancakes didn’t turn out and even though they look tasty, I ended up pitching them.  Opting for another breakfast entirely.

Ah well.

Since I don’t get a lot of time outside at the moment, we spent a good part of the morning sitting outside soaking up some sun and enjoying the quiet.  As much as we could before the neighbors got rowdy.

That was alright though because the rest of the day we were holed up in the basement playing BioShock Infinite (not an affiliate link).  Which is a totally appropriate way to spend the Fourth of July.

After a few hours of shooting up Patriots (those guys can be tricksy!), it was time to head back outside to grill dinner.

Grilled steaks, loaded baked potato, and asparagusSteaks and kielbasa on the grill! With some roasted asparagus and loaded baked potatoes on the side.

Dinner was delicious but mostly I enjoyed being able to spend the day with Scott. Our schedules don’t match up that much any more and it’s especially nice when I get to spend a whole day with him.

Today is our anniversary!  We’re celebrating 15 years of couplehood!  I’m already looking forward to hanging outside on the patio when I get home from work.

Did you have a lovely holiday? Any yummy eats?

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