Tuesday Training: Routine

It’s that time again when I’m finding that I need to get some new running shoes. Once our stuff arrived from Ohio, I was able to go back to my Pearl Izumis (since they were previously packed in boxes) and ditch the Mizunos.

The Mizunos are fine but they just aren’t me.  I don’t love them as much as the Izumis.

But my Izumis are on the oldish side and could stand to be replaced.  Which means I’m going to have start looking for a new running store!

Speaking of running, I came across this article discussing how the theory of “over pronation” is a myth.  That everyone can run in neutral shoes and the pronation label was created so companies could sell more shoes.

Thoughts on this?

Personally I really enjoy a shoe with a little more stability verses a totally neutral shoe.  I think this is why I liked the Izumis so much and only felt luke-warm with the muzinos.

I’ve been slowly adding running back in to the routine along with going to the gym.  Right now I’m running three times a week but eventually I hope to bump that up to at least four times a week.

Still doing the walk and run method because I’m still not used to the elevation and running. I can’t get my breathing under control and find myself out of breath after about a mile and a half, if I’m running on a trail.  If I run in a straight line up and down the street I’m fine.  But that’s boring!  I have a park very close by which is where I prefer to run.

I’ve been able to up my weights at body pump, hooray!

However, after class I’ve noticed that I’m completely exhausted.  On Mondays, classes are in the afternoon and all I want to do for the rest of the day is sleep!  Not sure how to combat this, whether I just need to get used to this new exercise or if perhaps I’m not fueling properly.

How’s your training going this week?

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