Tuesday Training: Progress

Running this past week has gone a lot smoother.  I was getting so frustrated with having to stop and walk during my run.  I also noticed that the second half of the run, which was mostly in a straight line, always went a lot smoother.

Was this because I was warmed up or was this because I was running on a flat surface?

I decided to test my theory and ran down the main road to a big intersection.  One way was a mile so I ran down and back.

And I was able to run the entire time!

I have been doing this route since then and I can run the whole thing without stopping or feeling like I’m totally out of breath.

The trail I was running on has a few little hills on it.  Nothing major at all.  However when you’re out of shape and getting used to elevation, they become a huge deal.

I’m going to keep going in a straight line but increase my mileage and then eventually work my way back to the trail.

Another bonus is that I have my Pearl Izumis back! I liked the Mizuno’s just fine and they served a purpose but I LOVE the Pearl Izumis so much better.


Started Week 2 of the challenge!  So far things are going really well with the pushups and I’m able to keep up with the amount each day.  I know it will start getting really challenging soon though!


I’m still at the 1 minute mark.  I am able to go a little past a minute but not by much.  I’m okay with this because I’m not looking to hold a 10 minute plank.  I just want to increase my core strength.

I have to do the planks at the end of the day.  I tried doing them right after my run but my legs weren’t having it!

How’s your week going?

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