Training Tuesday: Gym Rat

Scott and I joined a gym for the first time in years.  Previously our workouts consisted of running (for me) and martial arts training (both of us).

Since we’re in a new spot martial arts training is getting put on hold while we get a feel for our new area.

But we needed to add activity back into our lives.  I love running but I also need to do more.  I also really enjoy 2 A-Days, meaning working out twice a day.  I want to run plus do something else.

I did a Google search to find gyms around us.  I found a couple but the first gym we went to see ended up being the one we picked. We never made it to the other gyms for a visit.  This gym fit exactly what we were looking for and it also reminded us of a gym we used to belong to back in Westerville, OH that we adored.

Two bonuses to our new gym:

  • Not even a five minute drive from our rental.  Once we get bikes, we’ll be able to bike there and back.
  • Fat Tire on tap.  (Thank you craft beer centric town!)

Love.  I was looking for a place to take classes and this spot has a ton of classes along with lots of class times.

I’m trying out different classes to see what I like and what I want to add to my routine.  I just did Body Pump this week for the first time in ages.  I’m going to try a spinning class and a Pure Barre class also this week.

I do have to put the pushup and plank challenge on hold.  Adding in all these new activities is leaving me pooped and no strength to put towards pushups and planks.

Once I get settled and get a routine down then I’m going to consider adding them back in.

How’s your training going? Do you do any of those classes? Any tips for a beginner (especially with spinning!) just starting them?

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