How Do You Pancake

As Scott and I were eating some pancakes for breakfast one day, we discussed our techniques for eating pancakes.

We each approach pancakes in entirely different ways.  Perhaps this reveals something about our personalities?  Or maybe it just means that, like everything else in the world, people view things differently.

There’s not right or wrong way because the end result is the same.

This seems especially true when talking about pancakes.

My approach?

I butter each pancake, stack them or layer them, and then drizzle them with syrup or whatever topping I’m using that day.  I use a knife and cut off pieces as I go along.

Scott’s approach is almost the exact opposite.

We start off the same, Scott also butters each pancake and then he stacks them.  Then he cuts them up into little bit size squares and pours syrup or his topping of choice on top.

Since I prefer to be able to dip and use the pancake to help pick up syrup, this method doesn’t work for me.

In fact it’s almost a little too chaotic for me.

Silly?  Maybe, but still a fun discussion.

So how do you pancake?


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