Spring Wildlife

In the spring and summer we typically see some baby birdies who get lead to our feeder for some food.  This is usually their first foray out into the big world.  They are taught to feed themselves though they still get fed by mom and dad as well.

Yesterday we saw our first baby birdie of the year.

He was plopped down right in the middle of the feeder, all fuzzy and chubby wondering what the heck was going on.  He’d take a few nibbles and then look around and take a few more nibbles.  I couldn’t tell if he was fluffed up because of his young age or because of the cold weather.  Probably both I would imagine.  He stayed around for a few minutes and then moved off to better adventures I’m sure.

For the past couple of years a mallard couple have been coming by and spending a few weeks vacation at my neighbor’s pool.  They would float around in the pool cover that had filled with rain and snow.  They would snuggle on the side of the pool and just hang out.

This year so far we’ve only seen the male.  I don’t know if the female isn’t around or if the male is just scoping out the area and she’ll be by later.  They don’t stay long but it’s fun to watch them fly in and hang around.

Now these have nothing to do with spring, but are just some random pics of a quick snuggle between me and Rocks.

And this one because it’s hilarious!

I don’t even know what we’re doing but it turned out super cute!

What’s spring and summer like in your neck of the woods? Any baby animals you get to see? I also get to see baby geese and ducks during my morning runs!

4 thoughts on “Spring Wildlife

  1. It was warm, then it rained and now back to warm.
    We have geese at work that return every year to lay eggs. We were worried they wouldn’t return since the flood list year but they were back and we had 4 baby geese.
    When it gets hot we have turtles that move into our creek to keep cool and we water them to make sure they are cozy.

  2. We usually have lots of robins and red birds in our backyard – although this morning there were two stray dogs in my back yard!

    Its.fricken.cold. It was still 38 when I left the house today – maybe the high was 48?? I am ready for summer, since spring never decided to show up this year. :(

  3. Spring in the Rockies is usually pretty short. And summer is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    Not necessarily temperature wise but the sun is crazy strong! That’s what the altitude does for you! ;)

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