Flipping A Flop

I recently made my first purchase of coconut flour and it arrived in the mail last week.  I was anxious to get started using it! I’ve seen others use it in the past and all the claims state that you can use it just like you would regular flour.  It smelled amazing and I decided that the first thing I was going to do with it was make something familiar, so I choose pancakes.

What I discovered was that coconut flour does not in fact, act like regular flour.  Different flours have different characteristics and act in different ways when liquid is introduced.  I can roll with that.  Coconut flour was not playing nicely yesterday.

My pancake experiment turned into a big gloppy mess.  I had to toss the mixture and start over.

I nixed the coconut flour deciding that I would research it a tad more first and then try and use it when I have a little more information under my belt.

Instead I made a batch of spelt and buckwheat pancakes (my fave flour combo for pancakes!) but I made them a little differently and got to experiment with an idea that had been playing around in my head for a while.

They turned out to be one of my best pancakes to date.  They were so good that you could eat them without maple syrup, all they needed was a touch of butter.  I still used syrup of course, it was Sunday breakfast after all!

I love when this happens! When something good comes out of a kitchen flop.

Kitchen flops happen to everybody. This is what creates experience and knowledge.  Every single person has a kitchen flop story and some of those people brush it off and move on.  Others let it dictate their lives and refuse to cook or suddenly “hate” cooking.  All because of one or two flops.

Flops happen. You can’t learn something unless you have both good experiences and bad.  Flops keep us grounded.  Flops help us realize that we’ll never know it all and that cooking, just like life, is a constant learning experience. It’s full of ups, downs, and all-arounds.

Don’t let a flop keep you from cooking. Brush yourself off and move on, because something great could be right around the corner.

What was your last flop? How did you handle it?

5 thoughts on “Flipping A Flop

  1. You hit the nail on the head for me. I have had more flops in the kitchen. But, I am going to have to start all of and give it my all. But, I still hate to cook !!

  2. Coconut flour seems so interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. Oh my, what flops haven’t I had? Mine usually are a result of something I try to bake but I think my most recent one was trying to make Mama P’s Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. They were so awful I was too embarrassed to tell her I even tried.

  3. Yeast. I tried to make yeast rolls one time and they were like hockey pucks. I am still scared of yeast but it has not slowed me down!! I just had spelt pancakes for the first time on Monday. They were good and Chip liked them.

  4. Heidi says:

    Pizza dough. I went through a few different recipes before I found one that really worked and that my family liked. I knew I hit it when my husband told me it actually tasted like pizza!

  5. I’m so interested in getting some coconut flour. I’d expect that it was just the lack of gluten that caused the flop. I’ll have to look up some recipes before I jump in and try it thanks to your advice.

    I do lots of flops. It’s the flips that I’m not so good at. Yeast and breads are my ultimate failures. :)

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