Josh Ozersky at the Home and Garden Show

Hey gang! If you haven’t made it to the Home and Garden show yet this week, tonight would be the perfect time to go! Along with seeing all the fabulous things that are new and upcoming for the garden this year, lots of guest appearances are being made at this event.

Tonight, Josh Ozersky will be there giving a demo on making burgers.  He’s a food writer (James Beard award winner!) and wrote a book all about burgers.

We love us some burgers!

He’ll be giving a demo tonight at 6pm in the Bricker Multi-Purpose Building on the Giant Eagle Home Idea Stage.

Scott and I will be there tonight, so if you go, give me a shoutout and we can meet up!

Don’t forget the Home and Garden show wraps up this Saturday! So you only have a few days left to make it over there.

For more information about the Home and Garden show, click here.

One thought on “Josh Ozersky at the Home and Garden Show

  1. I work with the Home & Garden Show and was just there doing a 10TV segment with Ozersky and the burgers amazing … amazing in their simplicity. Just good meat, salt and cheese on the most basic white, seedless bun. Pure heaven. He’s going to show us how to get the perfect sear, and thus, the perfect burger. You need no toppings. It’s that good. So stop out and check him out. On twitter he’s @ozerskyTV.

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