Winter Walks

Winter time in Central Ohio means cold cold weather and snow.  Wind, cold, and then more snow.  It can be brutal but thankfully it’s not constant.  We get a break in the temps and it might reach up to 30s during the day.

Hey that’s balmy compared to the teens and single digits!

Walking in the cold and snow isn’t really very fun if I’m completely honest.  However I’ve got a dog and he needs walked on a daily basis unless the weather is to the extreme in some way.

In the winter time I have seen the amount of people out walking their dogs decrease a great deal and I always feel sorry for the dog.  Poor pup doesn’t get walked just because its owners don’t want to go out in the cold.

Not very fair is it?

It’s important to still exercise our dogs even in the winter time.  Yeah it stinks but they need exercise and fresh air too!

Things to keep in mind:

Depending on your dog’s breed and fur type realize that they can get cold just like us. Check into dog jackets to help keep your pup warm and dry.  A nice jacket made for a dog is a good investment and will last a long time.  Not a fashion jacket for dogs but an actual jacket that is easy to put on, remove, and wash.  I recommend jackets from Ruff Wear.  That’s where I got Rocky’s jacket and he’s had it for over 5 years now. A jacket that has clips that snap on the sides are not only easy to put on but they stay in place.  A jacket like this, while easy to put on is prone to slipping and moving around.

You’ve got to stay warm too, so wear what is comfortable and what will keep the wind and cold out.  I promise it doesn’t have to be stylish, case in point, my lovely outfit.  I look goofy for sure but it’s warm!  I need the boots to keep my feet warm and dry.  The hat keeps my head warm and keeps the wind from getting through.  I also wear Scott’s old army winter jacket which is the warmest jacket I have ever known! It has a great lining and even in single digits I’m totally fine.  I also wear a scarf and gloves that you might not be able to see.

If it’s really cold out and your dog will be walking through snow or on really cold pavement, consider booties.  Again I recommend the ones from Ruff Wear.  This not only protects your dog’s feet from cold (they can get frost bite too) but also from salt and other chemicals people put on their sidewalks and driveways.

Depending on the temperatures and how your dog handles it, will determine how long the walk is going to be.  It won’t be a nice long hour walk but you should be able to do at least 30 minutes.  Unless you have a wee little thing, then it will be shorter.

And of course, always pick up after your dog.  Be respectful to your environment and the area where you’re walking.

Now get out there and walk your doggie!

7 thoughts on “Winter Walks

  1. I love this post! I too have noticed not as many dogs outside this time of year, I started to think they had all moved out of the neighborhood. I still take mine out for two 20 minute walks a day, then she gets a few shorter potty breaks when needed. I am going to check out the gear, I usually just throw a sweater on her but I like the idea of a jacket, especially if it’s wet outside!

  2. I walk my girls all the time in the winter! We usually keep it to about 20 minutes (they prob could go 30 but I get scared) – I’m with you though – I feel bad for all the poor pups that don’t get winter walks! This was such a good idea for a post- nice doggie PSA – such a good doggie mama!

  3. Daisy loves playing in the snow – she’ll totally burrow in it! Face first!!! :P

    The only time she doesn’t like going out is when there are strong winds. She also doesn’t like when we blow on her so I’m pretty well convinced wind is akin to hundreds on people blowing on her at once! LOL Crazy pup! ;)

  4. Bailey doesn’t go for many walks once the snow falls because of the horrible state of the local sidewalks in Bubbastan. If they exist at all, nobody bothers to shovel them and the streets aren’t much better. Instead she gets time in the backyard chasing a ball or Kong.

  5. I have been scoping out all of their stuff. Pedro eats the snow. I always change his water a couple times a day, but when we walk outside and there is snow, he just licks and licks away. So, I don’t like him out that long. Also, this is my first winter ever having a dog. We just rescued him in March of last year. Love my Pedro !! :)

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