Purchasing Smoked Salmon

The smoked salmon post generated a lot of feedback from you guys!  Two readers chimed in wanting to know more about smoked salmon.

Linzi asked:

I’ve been wanting to make a sandwich like that..yummy! Where do you typically find your Salmon? In the seafood area of the grocery store or somewhere else. That has been my biggest challenge. Knowing where to find it.

Great question!

I do typically find smoked salmon in the seafood department of the grocery store.  It is typically sold in vacuum sealed packs and can be found next to the area that also has crab and other seafood items that are prepackaged and ready to eat.

Occasionally the seafood counter will have smoked salmon in the case and you can ask them to slice you some.  I have never done this though, all the smoked salmon I’ve bought have been in packages.

Melissa asked:

MMMMM! I enjoyed sampling from a classic smoked salmon platter at a party the other night: smoked salmon, a creamy dip, red onions, capers, and crackers. I want to buy some smoked salmon for myself but hesitate because I assume it’s expensive. Any tips on a good affordable brand?

This is another great question! I think this also shows how most people view smoked salmon, that it’s expensive.  I for one had that same notion.  Now I will start off by saying that smoked salmon isn’t super cheap and probably not something you will be purchasing weekly.  However it isn’t crazy expensive either.

I have successfully purchased packages of it at Whole Foods, located in a cold case in the fish department.  I can purchase WF brand wild Alaskan smoked salmon for $4.99.  I can get four meals out of that one package, so that is a really great deal!  They also have Atlantic smoked salmon for $7.99.  I have not purchased that before so I cannot give details on how many meals it provides.

I have seen larger packages of smoked salmon at Sam’s Club which would be ideal for gatherings and parties.

Now that you have purchased smoked salmon, what can you do with it?

  • Sandwiches are always a great and quick option.
  • Lots of people mention eating it on a bagel with some cream cheese.
  • You can add it to scrambled eggs for some extra protein and twist to traditional scrambled eggs.
  • Add it to salads.
  • Have with some crackers and cheese.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Play around with smoked salmon and get creative in the kitchen!

Keep in mind that once the package is open, the salmon needs to be eaten within the next few days.  It can turn quickly, so open it when you know you’ll be able to use it up.

Do you like smoked salmon? Any fun tips or ideas to share?

4 thoughts on “Purchasing Smoked Salmon

  1. Samantha says:

    I always get my smoked salmon at Trader Joes (next to the cheeses) Pretty inexpensive for all the deliciousness you get out of it!

  2. Not all stores carry it, but packages of ends and trimmings are usually a bit cheaper than regular smoked salmon slices and it’s just as tasty. If you’re not needing the visual effect of perfect slices, it might be worth looking for.

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