OHC Kitchen Staple: Cider

Growing up we had cider a good bit in the fall because my mom liked it.  She always served it warm though and I just thought it was okay.  Much like hot chocolate and grape juice, it dried my throat out causing me to be more thirsty than I was to begin with.  Because of that, I was never on the big cider train because getting thirsty while actually drinking a beverage isn’t all that much of a good time.

Several years ago we were at a small town fall festival and it was hot.  Like sun blazing, unseasonably hot and there was a booth that was serving cold cider.  I got a cup and it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

Cold cider is amazing!

Who knew?!

Everyone is so busy serving up hot mulled cider that it just didn’t occur to me to have it cold.  After that sip though, I could not get enough and have been purchasing cider in the fall ever since.

It has become a staple here at the HQ and truth be told, I use it up so quickly that I don’t even get a chance to drink it!  Cider is so useful in cooking and baking that once you start, you’ll wonder why you never used it before!

Because it’s so versatile, this is why I love having it on hand, it can go in sweet dishes and it can be used in savory dishes!

I’ve made pancakes with cider which are super yummy!

And I use it for brining a lot!  It works with turkey, chicken, and especially pork!

Cider can be used to make cornbread or muffins.  It can be used to make quick breads and can even be added to oats.

You can also use it to make fall inspired mixed drinks!

Cider is really handy to have around and because of all of its potential uses, I constantly have some in my fridge.

Do you like cider?  Have you used it in cooking before?

3 thoughts on “OHC Kitchen Staple: Cider

  1. What a great idea, it never occurred to me to use cider to cook with. I know cider vinegar is used here and there but when I think of cider I think of that cold refreshing beverage that instantly calls up Autumn.
    Now, if I could just get my kids to drink it. They like apple juice but not cider…yet.

  2. Teach me the ways of cider ole wise one! I finally bought some cider vinegar just don’t know what to do with it!
    I do like cold cider. Hot drinks tend to be too hot for me (go figure!!)

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