Review of Pumpkin Ales

The very first time I saw pumpkin beer was in the grocery store when I laid eyes upon Harvest Moon.  I was excited, thrilled, and also a little in shock.  Since pumpkin beer had never crossed my path before, I was blown away by the concept of it.

We immediately bought a six-pack to try out.  This was roughly six years ago.

Harvest Moon was alright.  It had a few hints of spice at the finish and we continued to purchase it more for the novelty effect because it certainly didn’t hit you over the head with pumpkin flavor.

Then we found out that Harvest Moon was made by the Blue Moon Brewing Company which is just an extension of Coors.

So we stopped buying it.

Our beer philosophy is that we would rather purchase and support craft beer breweries and microbreweries over big corporations.  Thus began my quest for great pumpkin ale.

I will tell you right now that I LOVE pumpkin beer.  I’m really kind of fanatical about them.   I love pumpkin beer so much that I am extremely picky and critical of the pumpkin beers that cross my path.  They have to be just right for me to even consider them as a “good” beer.

For Pumpkin Month I thought it would be fun to review some pumpkin ales!

Here is how the reviews are going to work.

I’m going to rate the beers on:

  • Smell
  • Color
  • Head Retention
  • Taste

The ratings will be :pumpkin: and the score will range from 1-5.  One being the poorest and five being the best.

I’ve been sipping and testing my way through pumpkin ales since September.  It’s a hard job but I want only the best for my readers!  Hooray for pumpkin (beer!)!

8 thoughts on “Review of Pumpkin Ales

  1. Oh man, I am all about this Pumpkin Ale feature! I saw this one at the store last weekend but ended up getting Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale. I like it when it is really spiced. I love Blue Moon, but was just so so on their pumpkin this year.

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