Somebody (coughmecough) ran a half this morning.  YaY! That’s me up there with those kick ass calves.  Posting will resume once I’ve been sufficiently fed, rested, and presented with proper amounts of wine.

I had lots of people cheering me on which definitely got me through the wind and cold beginnings of the race.

Off to hit the couch!  Catch you later!

11 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. You’re awesome! Great job, Andrea! Seeing that picture made me so sad I had to miss it. It was a good decision to cancel though which we can chat about later. I got worse on Sat. I love the photo of Rocky bearing the goods! Congrats!

  2. Congrats! I totally flaked on my plans to bike down there this morning because my back started acting up after my ride into Worthington on Sat morning…stupid massive incline up 161! It seemed like you had great temps for running- wasn’t it in the 40s? I know that still seems cold, but that’s MUCH better than yesterday’s 30s!

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