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Hi gang!  I’m off to Atlanta this weekend to enjoy a foodie seminar put on by Food Blog Forum. If you think you cannot live without me, you can follow my adventures via Twitter.  I’ll try and tweet when I get a chance!

While I’m out drinking, eating, and socializing learning how to better improve my blog and recipes, I have some awesome guest posts lined up for you! Today we have Amanda from Two Boos Who Eat!

Hello OHC Readers!

My name is Amanda and I blog over at Two Boos Who Eat with my husband Andy. We started blogging in October 2008 because we wanted to document our food experiences. Andy and I are major foodies who love traveling and trying out the local food. We also wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and found it sometimes difficult to balance being a foodie with being healthy. It is possible!

One of the best ways to experience a new city or town is to walk it. Andy and I went to Italy on our honeymoon and walked at least 5 miles a day doing sightseeing. All of that walking had us pretty hungry and we had no guilt when dining out. We shared a lot of our meals since pasta and rich sauces can sit like a brick in your stomach. Sharing is caring people!

One of our favorite meals in Rome was an order of pasta alla carbonara. Carbonara is comprised of heavy, but simple ingredients. Ours had eggs, fresh spaghetti, pecorino romano (a hard sheep’s milk cheese similar to parmesan), black pepper and guanciale (similar to bacon or pancetta.) Pasta alla carbonara is delicious and we wanted to enjoy it so we ate and then walked around the city.

We noticed tons of fruit carts, open air markets and vendors selling fresh produce and took every chance to enjoy it. In Venice, I bought plums, raspberries, and the most delicious pear I have ever eaten. It was a great way to enjoy the city without compromising your health. I’d also highly suggest renting an apartment or condo with a fully equipped kitchen over a hotel.

Having your own kitchen makes it easy to enjoy a healthy meal while traveling. Buy a guidebook and load up on information about grocery stores and local farmers markets before your trip begins. It will be worth it!

How do you stay healthy while on vacation?

Thanks Amanda!  Those are some great tips to utilize while traveling! Especially the idea of renting a suite type of room where you can prepare your own meals on some nights and opt to eat out on other nights.

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  1. I loved the open air markets in Italy! :) My tips for staying healthy is to always have healthy snacks on hand. Keep granola bars in your purse to tide you over between meals – and that can save you $$ from having to buy snacks while traveling. And I loved your tip of splitting a large meal and maybe you could add a side salad to get extra greens.

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